Oh My Goodness!

I just left a blog related message on a dating site (for boys) that linked into the spot . . . someone please stop me from following links into the blog before I have had my morning coffee (which yes, is late this morning but I was up all night so . . . ) This is what happens when you don’t sleep . . . my gf is going to laugh about this for days, thank g-d the boys have already gone to the office.

I’m gonna go get that coffee now and then write the movie reviews of the third Donald Stratchey film and maybe, just maybe, Shelter finally. The Satender Singh and Lawrence King updates are also minutes from posting and by minutes I mean . . . well read this piece from Gay Prof (here) and maybe you will get the idea. I’m still having trouble wrapping my mind around the court decisions/articles blaming them . . .

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