Thanks to Guesters

I momentarily checked out of the blog and left it to guest bloggers who were gracious enough to email in their posts so I did not have to give out the passwords. I just wanted to thank them for holding down the fort, and yes, the spot was beginning to feel a little besieged.

e.s. – thanks for the timely updates

Javi – thanks for the activism info. I still think that we should organize a “critical mass” film viewing of Latter Days in California. We could project the movie on the sides of buildings all around the state at the exact same time and have viewings from the parks. Invite the media and tell them that while LDS members are actively targeting gay rights, we are looking to what that targeting does not only to us but also to them. It would make a point and we could watch a great movie.

Marco – umm, I have to go wash my eyeballs w/soap now. I wrote papers about that kid for the PCA’s back in the day . . . now he’s shirtless on my blog . . . and I approved it . . . (Reminds me of a Tracy Scoggins’ outtake quote “Don’t you boys own shirts?”) Clearly I am having a Catholic moment. Thanks for the film review and allowing me to edit it. I still think it would have been ok to put it up in Spanglish instead of having me translate it, but m/b next time. Also thanks for being so honest. I liked Coffee Date too. I think anybody whose heart does not break for Kelly is probably a little too jaded for this spot.

Thanks you all! And some day, when I am less anal, I will certainly rest easy leaving you all in charge again. 😀

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