Stephanie Tubbs Jones Dies (Feminist Spotlight)

Congressional MainlingsOhio Congresswoman Stephanie Tubbs Jones, suffered an aneurysm while driving her car last night in OH. She was rushed to the hospital but did not recover. She was a Super Delegate who campaigned for Hillary Clinton.

Tubbs Jones was an important feminist inspiration marking several firsts in her career. Before becoming a Congresswoman, she served as the first African-American and the first female Cuyahoga County, Ohio Prosecutor. She was the first African-American woman to sit on the Common Pleas bench in the State of Ohio and was a Municipal Court Judge in the City of Cleveland.

In Congress, Tubbs Jones was the first African-American woman elected to the United States House of Representatives tubbshomelessnessfrom Ohio. She was also first African-American woman to chair the Committee on Standards of Official Conduct (Ethics) and the first African-American woman to serve on the Ways and Means Committee.

Recently she worked alongside others to help with the mortgage crisis by helping to pass the American Housing Rescue and Foreclosure Act and urging banking bail out discussions to include funds for community stabilization. Her eye on housing also included active work for homeless people’s rights and access to safe housing. She supported health care reform especially for the most vulnerable, including the elderly, and ensuring military and veterans benefits and tubbsjonesdifferentlyabledspending that supported the troops but capped perpetual war. She also supported immigration reform and educational spending and was a long time advocate for workers’ rights including differently-abled workers.

Tubbs Jones was also a strong advocate of GLBTQ rights in Congress. She co-sponsored inclusive legislation for the GLBTQ rights at work and supported legislation to repeal don’t ask don’t tell. She also helped expand federal hate crimes to include the GLBTQ community. And she was currently supporting legislation to provide same sex couples the same rights of sponsorship andtubbsworkerrally increased asylum as other immigrants. Given the overarching conservative approach to queer issues in OH her voice was particularly significant at the local level as well as a needed voice on Capital Hill.

She was serving her 5th term in Congress and despite being a Congresswoman, never moved out of the depressed local area where she lived most of her life. She was an important advocate for women of all ethnic and racial backgrounds bu especially poor women, women of color, and local women.

to learn more about her see her website here.

Learn more about signs of a brain aneurysm here


  • Tubbs Jones speaking at meeting in Cleveland. Stock Photo. Unattributed
  • Tubbs Jones with homeless advocates. unattributed
  • Tubbs Jones meeting with differently-abled workers. unattributed.
  • Tubbs Jones at Rally for workers. unattributed.

4 thoughts on “Stephanie Tubbs Jones Dies (Feminist Spotlight)

  1. Hello there!She was a phenomenal black woman, indeed!May her loving soul rest in peace with the Lord.I hope that everyone who reads about this very sad news story realizes that aneurysms CAN BE detected by many medical tests BEFORE they rupture. I hope that perhaps one black woman’s life will be spared because she read about this tragedy and made sure that she went online to research all of the risk factors of aneurysms.Peace, blessings and DUNAMIS!Lisa

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