Blog Action Day Oct. 15, 2008: Poverty

This year’s Blog Action Day is on the theme of poverty. The organizers are asking bloggers to:

  1. spend the next two months educating themselves on poverty
  2. write an indepth post on poverty related to their normal blog content

Given the conversations about feminism and capitalism going on right now, I think this topic is ideal for feminist bloggers to reflect on socio-political economic systems and their impact on feminist struggles. While I think a discussion of women and poverty is timely and necessary, I would ask those who can, to be even more bold in joining this Blog Action Day by answering the following questions:

  • What is feminism’s social justice responsibilities with regards to poverty?
  • How are these responsibilities enacted individually, socially, politically, and globally?


  • to do so, with concrete examples from ones own life, grounded data about women’s communities or women’s experiences of poverty, etc.
  • to move from a philanthropic othering to an actual sense of connectivity in struggle
  • to cite sources of your ideas (ie if you are thinking of a particular school of feminists, or repeating or modifying arguments from a particular feminist or group of feminists, cite them, don’t just pass it off as your own ideas)

Reading lists that may help you get started:

  • see the Historical Reading List here and the links within
  • see Jessica Hoffman’s cited influences in her post here (htp Sudy by way of BFP)

  Think about some of the material published by these presses:

And if you can, you might want to consider going to the Radical Women Conference 2008 Oct. 3-6 in San Fran which could get you all jazzed with ideas for not only Blog Action Day but also some serious praxis.


One thought on “Blog Action Day Oct. 15, 2008: Poverty

  1. I am planning on participating in this blog action day – thank you for suggesting these ways of centering our responses!

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