Action: Women for Women International Grant Proposal Needs You

A Reader asked me to post about this:

Women for Women International has applied for an American Express Members Project Grant worth $2.5 million and they need your help to get it. If they receive it, it will help continue their existing programs for women and children survivors of war as well as allow them to expand their work to meet the needs of new conflict survivors as conflicts ravage most of our world. As I’ve said before, their programs provide women survivors with both concrete skills and social support including:

  • job skills
  • agribusiness training
  • financial assistance
  • microcredit
  • access to markets

More than that, Women for Women International programs provide women with safe spaces after war and genocide. They help women to rebuild their lives and (re)establish their independence in post-conflict regions that were often typified by egregious gendered violence against women. In so doing, Women for Women International helps ensure that women are not re-victimized in refugee camps, by despotic stragglers, or by corporations swooping in to take control of lands that women largely work on their own in the aftermath of conflict/war.


Women for Women International has done important work in the following countries (some of which I have written about here before):

The Amex grant would not only help them continue their important work in these regions but also help women in Georgia, Iran (should a republican be voted into office), and anywhere else that conflict erupts. (As an educator, I also hope that such a grant will help subsidize appearance by their organization at poorly funded universities like mine, where people would be all the more actively committed to their causes if they knew more about them outside of just my class curriculum.)


You can do your part by going to the website and voting for them until 9/30/2008. Keep in mind that you must either by an American Express cardholder or willing to give Amex your email address and be added to their mailing list (you can opt out later).

And don’t forget to help with their Run for Congo Women project, I announced a few weeks ago here.


Images: All of these images include women who have been helped/been able to help themselves through the work of Women for Women International


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