I Love my Grad Students: Cynthia McKinney at the DNC

Cynthia McKinney is at the DNC to announce her own candidacy and shift the discussion of the presidential campaign on to one of radical politics and leadership. Thanks to my morning TA, I have the urls for the youtube videos of some of McKinney’s appearances:

In this first clip, Cynthia McKinney spoke about her candidacy on Aug 24 outside of the DNC as part of a green party event called Recreate ’68. Shirley Chisholm was the first African American woman to serve in Congress, seated in 1968, she ran for president in 1972. 1968 was also the year of horrible assassinations and political unrest that changed the face of this nation. Both Bobby Kennedy and Martin Luther King Jr. were murdered that year. At the DNC, there was intense protest and rioting surrounding the Vietnam War, the loss of hope embodied by the two assassinated leaders, and the demand for a return to politics for and by the people. There was also racial tension because of the unequal treatment of, and violence against, people of color and civil rights supporters. Many infamous trials and police brutality cases emerged. Thus the Recreate 68 event calls upon the historical memory of powerful leadership, across gender and race, profound need for peace, and the radical attempt to make the democratic party uphold its stated ideals of representing the people against corruption.

McKinney speaks here about why these themes resonate in the current election:

In this second clip McKinney discusses how having an active role in the political and legal process ensures equal representation and consideration by the nation and its laws by drawing a comparison between comments made by the District Attorney in Jena Louisiana and the presidential campaign. (She also makes some weird flubs on Afro-Latino identity)

You can find more clips about the Green Party ticket McKinney-Clemente from their youtube page RunCynthiaRun, also the name of their website, here.

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