Michelle Obama Speaks to the LGBT Caucus at the DNC

Michelle Obama made an unannounced appearance at the two hour LGBT Caucus luncheon on Wednesday, where she received a standing ovation. The caucus includes between 250 and 377 delegates, 40% of whom are people of color, according to the Windy City Times.

She spoke for 20 minutes, all though the youtube provided by the convention is only 3 minutes long.

During that time she spoke about the party and the Obama campaign in general but also made sure to address specific concerns of the GLBTQ community. She noted in her open remarks that is had been 39 years since Stonewall and 5 years after Lawrence v Texas and yet GLBT rights were still in jeopardy.

She also outlined some differences in their platform with that of the republicans:

  • Repeal the Defense of Marriage Act
  • Repeal Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell
  • Full funding for the Ryan White CARE Act
  • Development of a national strategy to defeat HIV
  • Support for the Employer Non-Discrimination Act
  • Support for equal access to adoption

She concluded by stating that the rights of GLBTQ members “goes directly to dignity and freedom” of the N. American people.

Obama’s decision to speak to the LGBT Caucus represents an ongoing attempt by the Obama campaign to incorporate the beauty and diversity of all of N. America into their platform and their vision of governance. The number of participants in LGBT Caucus speaks to their success. The shift toward racial diversity in the caucus which was nearly half (40%) also shows how the Obama campaign is impacting racial discourses and community imaginings on the left. These shifts are critical for all of us to develop a decolonized praxis that will hopefully build under an Obama White House leadership and/or continue should his bid be unsuccessful.

3 thoughts on “Michelle Obama Speaks to the LGBT Caucus at the DNC

  1. Thank you for this video.Ya know I have many issues with the current political system as well the candidates, but a part of me is happy to see women like Rosa Clemente, Michelle Obama, Cynthia McKinney, and Hillary Clinton speak in an arena that is heavily dominated by men. Did her Barack Obama also attend this caucus?

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