Fact Checking the RNC

While Rachel Maddow may be using language that might turn people off to describe some of the issues raised at the RNC, ultimately her assessment is backed by fact. Much of those facts are available through public record.

The same stands for the way the Republicans have constructed Palin as a fiscal conservative who will stop government overspending and an ethics reformer who will hold politicians who use their position to gain power and money accountable. (I apologize in advance for the points in this video that I think fall into sexist and irrelevant information – ie the beauty pageant stuff and the “ebay lady” comment which demeans all of us as interchangeably irrelevant despite Olbermann’s point that McCain is the one demeaning women by picking or considering women with limited political experience while so many women with extensive political experience at the national and international level are available.)

That being said, we cannot let Democrats off the hook either. As I said in a previous post, Biden made a list of topics not covered by the Republicans at the RNC during an outdoor speech, several of those topics were in fact covered. (He initially said this comment about Palin’s speech which did not cover any of the issues, but the day after McCain’s speech made the same comment saying the “Republicans did not mention” instead of “Palin did not mention” making many of the things he said were not covered untrue.)

The difference between the two is not truth value, since both used untruths. The difference is the size of the audience and the untruth, while Biden’s list can be countered fairly easily, people have been repeating McCain’s untruths incessantly since Palin’s speech and it has only increased since McCain’s. People who have commented here, have repeated them as fact. And while these differences are certainly mitigating it makes Biden no less guilty.

The sad truth is that politicians know the N. American people are more likely to take speeches as truth than do their own fact checking. Apparently, the party with the most to prove (since it is their party that is in charge of one of the lowest rated presidents in my lifetime) is exploiting this knowledge in order to exploit your votes.

I can’t say it enough, do the research and make an informed decision. It does not matter how charismatic the person you vote for is (and there is charisma on both sides of the aisle) if they use that charisma to pull food out of your mouth and transfer wealth from your pocket to some corporation that is going to shut down and take your pension with them as they go “exploit new markets.”


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