Ike Evacuation/ Ike Aftermath

If you have not left yet, here is a link the state put together to help with things to bring and maps for best evac routes. Need a place to stay? hotel rooms still available hereFEMA has a page up as well with generic info about what they are doing but NO numbers to get services or volunteer yet. Be safe everyone!!!


2 thoughts on “Ike Evacuation/ Ike Aftermath

  1. I am worried about this storm. My family lives in Houston and I called my grandmother and other family members and asked if they are evacuating and they said no because they tried to evacuate with Rita and was stuck on on the interstate for hours and my mother said “Ike came on a bad pay day.” And Houston has not called for mandatory evacuations because how do you move 3 million people and we don’t want what happened in 2005 with Rita to happen with Ike. I am worried, but thank you for the information.

  2. hopefully they will take all the precautions that they need to and the city will have internal contingency plans for those who could not or did not evacuate. Houston took in a lot of people from the Gulf when other Hurricanes hit, I hope the nation shows them the same outpouring of kindness should it be needed. My thoughts are with your family.

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