Palin-Gibson: Rape Kits, Librarians, Firings, and Documentation TOO?!

Below are my notes on the Palin-Gibson interview with all editorializing in parenthesis. I’ve linked to reliable fact-checkers at the end of the post; some debunk rumors about Palin and others document proof of policies or conversations in which she was a part. Particularly disconcerting to me were the use of silence and intimidation in her dealings with her own staff and other public workers and her policies/hirings/firings dealing with rape and rape kits (htp Ico). This post accurately represents her comments (including giving you full transcripts, links to papers that endorsed her, and avoiding links to sources that are openly hostile or mocking in tone; I did use a mocking cartoon). For those who cannot make distinctions between criticism backed by documentation and biased reporting, this is not the post nor the blog for you.

Read complete transcripts: Part IPart II, Part III. Watch the interview at ABC; youtube vids doctored.


(artist Horsey co 2008)

  • Foreign Policy

    • support Israel’s right to do anything they want (she repeated the same sentence over and over to increasingly nuanced questions about this, showing that she is unfamiliar with the region, the policies, the players, so I don’t take this answer as indicative of some endorsement of invading Iran, limited nukes from Israel, etc. as some have implied)
    • Supports small democratic states’ rights to sovereignty even if it means war with major super powers
    • said she was qualified to discuss Russia b/c “we can see it from here [Alaska]“
    • spoke on Nato membership – showed a lack of understanding about international alliances, global checks and balances, international organizations, etc. (see previous post for video footage)
    • wants to do a surge in Afghanistan based on the surge plan in Iraq – she thinks it will help . . .
    • would not commit to invading Pakistan without permission but said: “we” have to make the “hard decisions on” who and where we target


    • agrees something must be done about climate change
    • cut down on pollution (other points were cut off by Gibson to focus on man made or cyclical question)
    • favors drilling in the arctic/ANWR plans to push it against McCain
    • produce more energy domestically

    the economy

    • lower taxes: (things done in Alaska as examples) cut personal property tax, cut small business taxes, business license renewal fees, increase sales tax, increase oil tax
    • came in on a balanced budget currently the budget is in deficit – she blamed building a Sports Arena
    • get government out of the way of the private sector (which has incentives to build elsewhere but whatever) – don’t let government be the sole solution
    • oversight of government spending like “Freddie and Fannie”
    • control spending – she took 3.2 million for research on mating habits of crabs and seals, how does that stop spending? – response: she wants to stop private deals but not public ones
    • Gibson says all of these are part of the current administration’s talking points
    • she doesn’t know that entitlements and agencies are not the same thing
    • VA benefits off the table (Good. How does this gel with McCain’s voting record? Gibson did not ask)
    • social security/medicare/medicaid are still on the table
    • Says “bottom line” was when everyone turned against the Bridge to Nowhere she was against it too. Also has now started hedging on how many people supported it. Claimed her Bridge t-shirt was just a “zipcode t-shirt” also “not inappropriate for a Mayor or a Governor to request and to work with their Congress to plug into the Federal Budget . . . for infrastructure.”
    • implied she was not for the biggest version of the Bridge budget
    • Claimed the federal government gave them money for infrastructure not exclusively for the Bridge so she had a right to keep and spend it on other things
    • claims she has no connections to the Washington Insiders, lobbyists, etc. – admits to working with lobbyists one money from Congress, she has worked with lobbyists on the Bridge to Nowhere, she received $155 million in earmarks, 10 times the amount of funding per person for Wasilla that was received in large cities like Chicago.

    Health Care

    • support families finding private sector developed jobs that provide adequate health care
    • was asked no questions about health care plan
    • believes in a culture of life (pro-life)
    • wants to work across aisle on but increasing adoption options, decreasing abortions,
    • supports abortion if life of mother in danger only (not rape and incest)
    • anti-stem cell research but that may not be the platform

    Queer Issues

    • asked if it was genetic or a choice – said “won’t judge” and referred to diversity of her hometown and her family
    • was asked no other questions on this issue

    Gun Control

    • does not support gun control
    • life time NRA
    • supports guns for protection, hunting, sport
    • believes laws take guns from “law abiding citizens” but does not prevent criminals

    Women’s Issues

    • Was not asked information specifically about women except abortion (listed under health) and being a working mother (the media’s insistence that working mothers are an anomoly is ridiculous and they did not say this to Hillary or Michelle nor to any of their female correspondents with children so why keep bringing it up?)
    • praised clinton and implied Obama should have picked her – “I think he [Obama] is regretting not picking her now”
    • feels she needs to represent the nation and women
    • praised title ix (which Republicans have been attacking through state level lawsuits lately)
    • praised “equal opportunities in education” (runs counter to Republican narrative anti-affirmative action, and I don’t think she meant equal opportunities for every group enforced by law, but Charlie did not press it.)

    Book Banning Issue

    • said she asked what would happen if parent tried to ban a book not if she could ban books
    • the list of books is a lie (which has been corroborated by all sources)
    • no comment or question on the librarian whose potential firing is a matter of public record. This is part of what the librarian said:

    But on Monday, Oct. 28, Emmons said Palin asked her outright if she could live with censorship of library books. This was during a week when Palin was requesting resignations from all  the city’s department heads as a way of expressing loyalty.

    “This is different than a normal book-selection procedure or a book-challenge policy,” Emmons stressed Saturday. “She was asking me how I would deal with her saying a book can’t be in the library.” (full article on the threatening tactics used here; should be noted this paper endorsed Palin for Governor so they are not out to get her)

    “Troopergate Issue”

    • sister’s ex-husband is still working as a Trooper altho Palin made it clear she felt that was unacceptable (given that he tasered a child with a state issued taser, I agree):

    It amazes me still to think we cannot have very, very high standards for our troopers, for anybody in public service, certainly though, those who have a badge and carry a gun.

    • according to Palin – her husband did ask that Commissioner Monegan fire him b/c of “threats against the first family” ie against the Palins
    • said Commissioner Monegan has gone on record that neither Palin pressured for firing (there is no documentation of this that I can find, but there is taped evidence of Palin’s staff pressuring Monegan)
    • said she felt Commissioner Monegan was not filling vacancies fast enough or meeting retention goals and that is why he was fired; she offered him a on the alcohol and beverage control board (a clear demotion in responsibilities, autonomy, and prestige) and that he “chose to not take it” and “chose to leave state service” – Monegan is believed to have felt Palin made his continued work in the state service a hostile environment and chances of unilateral transfer within the state impossible and that he was fired for failing to fire the ex-husband
    • Palin’s administration attempted to thwart investigation into “Troopergate” despite her comments that she has nothing to hide. read here.
    • She was also advised by an independent advisor to apologize and fire anyone involved in Monegan’s dismissal or intimidation months prior to the investigationsee WSJ Article
    • local news KTUU said the following on Sept. 10 after speaking with Palin’s attorney about the investigation:

    Gov. Palin’s private attorney is now calling the Legislature’s investigation unconstitutional and unlawful.

    Religion and War

    • said that she was praying to be on God’s side in the war and to follow God’s plan in all things in this world (did I not say this a week ago. Christians may speak a different language than athiests but praying to be in line with God’s will is not the same as saying you know what God’s will is.)


    • you can see ABC’s fact checking here
    • Palin first VP in 32 years who has never met a foreign Head of State
    • “I’m not an Al Gore doom and gloom environmentalist blaming the changes in our climate on human activity” (Fairbanks Daily News)
    • More on her energy stance in Alaska from a Q & A in 2006 here
    • Palin’s Fiscal Conservative Claims and Her Spending Realities here
    • Fact Check on Troopergate and Spending from Alaskan Republican 2 term office holder Andrew Halcro here
    • CBS Fact check on Special Needs Funding (she increased it), The Library (Made the Inquiries), Hired Lobbyists (She did) read here
    • While Palin was Gov of Wasilla rape kits were charged to victims and/or their insurance, was knocked down under new governor. They were the only ones in the state to do charge victims. read here
    • NYT Fact Checker on firings, intimidation of a Republican Alaska female blogger,  and the library book scandal (including a book title a Palin cabinet member and one time supporter says was what started it all – Daddy’s Roommate): read here



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