Oh a Conferencing We’ll Go. UCLA 10th Aniv. Queer Studies Conference



Los Angeles Queer Studies Conference 2008: Tenth Anniversary

When: Friday and Saturday, October 10-11, 2008
Where: Royce Hall, UCLA
More Info: LGBTS office at 310 206 0516 or lgbs@humnet.ucla.edu
Cost: Conference is Free, Parking $8/dy

One of the best things about this year’s conference is Cheryl Dunye will be there to discuss the Outfest Legacy Project (from Outfest and UCLA) and the archiving of her films with them. Dunye’s film the Watermelon Woman is a staple in many of my queer courses precisely because of the ways it challenges decision-making behind archives, false divisions between race and sexuality, gender and sexuality, and issues of class. I also use it in my methods course when we do the historiography secton to think about what documents are saved and why and how historians can also be change agents.


Adelina Anthony will also be performing. If you have not seen her work yet, you should.  Every time I open an email announcing a fundraiser or a conference these days or get a magazine in the mail Adelina’s face is on the cover. I find her work thought provoking, funny, and challenging to mainstream sensibilities. Her multi-media performances are also far more complex and entertaining than the reviews or articles I have read which tend to focus on single sensational aspects (usually that her queerness intersects with her Latina identity – wow, I mean . . . really? how unique . . . there are actual Xueers and they are talented and sometimes brilliant in their depictions . . . you don’t say?!) while still providing praise for her work. Go see her performance for yourselves and let us know what you think.

Here is the full conference schedule:

1:00-2:30 Plenary PanelDiasporic Sexualities
314 Royce


Jafari Sinclaire Allen, Yale University, Anthropology and African American Studies
“Find Yourself a Friend”: Black Resistance and Self-making

Gayatri Gopinath, NYU, Social and Cultural Analysis
Queer Regions

Rinaldo Walcott, University of Toronto, Sociology and Equity Studies in Education
Queer Returns: Human Rights, the Anglo-Caribbean, and Diaspora Politics

2:45-3:45 Plenary Panels A: Queer Art and Visual Culture
314 Royce


Catherine Lord, UC Irvine, Art
Richard Meyer, University of Southern California, Art History
Art and Queer Culture: A Collaboration

B: Trans Studies Meets Queer Studies
306 Royce
Moderator: Talia Bettcher, Cal State, Los Angeles, Philosophy

Jacob Hale, Cal State Northridge, Philosophy
Title to be announced

Viviane Namaste, Concordia University, Simone de Beauvoir Institute
Trans Studies and Queer Studies: Intersections in English, Collisions in Other Languages?

4:00-5:30 Panel Session OneGender Variance
Moderator: David Valentine, University of Minnesota, Anthropology


Sofía Ruiz-Alfaro, Franklin & Marshall College, Spanish
Masculinities at War: Mexico Marimacho and the Female Soldier

Reid Uratani, University of Hawai’i at Manoa, Political Science
Problematizing Paradise: The Hawaiian Transgender Body as a Site of Colonization

Laurel Westbrook, UC Berkeley, Sociology
Producing Transgender: The Defining and Promotion of the Term “Transgender” in the Trans Community Press

Recent Scholarship on Sexual Orientation Law and Public Policy
Organized by the Williams Institute on Sexual Orientation Law and Public Policy at UCLA School of LawDoug NeJaime, Sears Law Teaching Fellow, UCLA, Williams Institute
Cause Lawyering in the “Culture War”


Naomi Goldberg, Cooper Public Policy Fellow, UCLA, Williams Institute
Gay Boomers: Inequalities Facing Gays and Lesbians in Retirement

Michael Steinberger, Public Policy Fellow, UCLA, Williams Institute
Wage and Employment Differences by Sexual Orientation

Avant Garde Art
Moderator: Richard Meyer, University of Southern California, Art HistoryClaire Ruud, Southwestern University, Art History
Queer Adventures: Feminist and Queer Impulses in Eleanor Antin’s 1976 Adventures of a Nurse


Robert Summers, UCLA, Art History
Pictures that Queer: Politics/Aesthetics of Mourning

Queering US History
Moderator: Catherine Lord, UC Irvine, ArtKyla Schuller, UC San Diego, Literature
Dr. Queer, Medicine Man-Lady


L. Chase Smith, UC San Diego, Literature
Bawdy Amusements and the Undergarments of “Progress” at San Diego’s Panama-California Exposition (1915-1916)

Jennifer Worley, City College of San Francisco, English
“Street Power” and the Claiming of Public Space: San Francisco’s Vanguard Youth Group and Pre-Stonewall Queer Radicalism

5:30-6:30 Reception
306 Royce
6:30 Queer Performance
Macgowan Little TheaterAdelina Anthony
Mastering Sex and Tortillas!


My Barbarian

9:00-10:30 Panel Session TwoDeceiving Constructions: Black Gendered Bodies in Art, Time, Space
Moderator: Jafari Sinclaire Allen, Yale University, Anthropology and African American Studies


Deborah Alkamano, University of Southern California, American Studies
“The Negation of the Negation”: Queer Cuts, Kara Walker’s Aesthetic

Talia Bettcher, Cal State Los Angeles, Philosophy
Gender Deception, Modesty, and Race

Jennifer DeClue, Cal State Los Angeles, Race, Gender, Media Studies
“Getting Aggressive”: A Black Feminist Reading of Daniel Peddle’s The Aggressives

Queer Musical GenealogiesJeremy Mikush, UCLA, Musicology
Magical Dreamers, Bewitching Gypsies: Voice and Power in the Queer Rock Diva


Zarah Ersoff, UCLA, Musicology
Velvet Goldmine’s
Queer Mythologies

Bethany Smith, University of Cincinnati, Musicology
“Girls in Tight Dresses Who Drag with Mustaches”: Musical Constructions of Lesbian Identities in The L Word

Queer Urbanity
Moderator: Heather Love, University of Pennsylvania, EnglishSam See, UCLA, English
Djuna Barnes’s Concentrated Camp


Geneva Gano, Stanford University, English
Race, Sex, and Queer Aesthetics in Nathanael West’s Los Angeles

James Landau, UCLA, English
Queer Diasporas: Reading Mobility in James Baldwin’s Another Country

Globalization and the Human
Moderator: Steven Epstein, UC San Diego, SociologyChaitanya Lakkimsetti, University of Wisconsin, Madison, Sociology
“How Should I Know That My Ass Belongs to the State?”  Globalization, Anti-Sodomy Law, and the Discursive Struggles around Homosexuality in Postcolonial India


Chantal Nadeau, Concordia University, Communication Studies
Queer Walls

Sybille N. Nyeck, UCLA, Political Science
Mobilizing Against the Invisible: Erotic Nationalism, Mass Media, Paranoia, and the Politics of Contempt in Cameroon

Mediated Queer Socialities and Identities
Moderator: Mary L. Gray, Indiana University, Communication and CultureJulie Rosso, Brown University, Modern Culture and Media
Labors of Love: Economies of Identity in The L Word’s Fan-Driven Online Promotions


Alexis Lothian, University of Southern California, English
Doing Boys Like They’re Girls, and Other (Trans)Gendered Subjects: The Queer Subcultural Politics of “Genderfuck” Fan Fiction

Jill A. Bakehorn, UC Davis, Sociology
Bordering on Activism: Authenticity and Identity Politics in Women-Made Porn

10:45-12:15 Plenary PanelWomen on Women
314 Royce


Heather Love, University of Pennsylvania, English

Juana María Rodríguez, UC Berkeley, Gender and Women’s Studies
Sex, Sociality and Other Queer Possibilities

Valerie Traub, University of Michigan, English and Women’s Studies
Early Modern Sex Acts



1:15-2:45 Plenary PanelQueer Studies in the Social Sciences: Ethics, Politics, Epistemics
314 Royce


Steven Epstein, UC San Diego, Sociology
Queer Biocitizenship: Biomedicine, Sexuality, and Politics

Mary L. Gray, Indiana University, Communication and Culture
Engaging Vulnerable Subjects: Queering Social Science Research at the Twilight of the Public University

David Valentine, University of Minnesota, Anthropology
Becoming An Other, or: How My Methodology Gave Me an Identity

3:00-4:30 Panel Session ThreeAlternative Kinships


Yin-Chin Chen, University of Oregon, Journalism
Bodies and Spaces: Transnational Ethnic and Sexual Identities in Saving Face

Yael Mishali, Tel Aviv University, Cultural Studies
My Mother’s Daughter or: Could I be a Mizrahi Lesbian?

Alvin Ka Hin Wong, UC San Diego, Literature
Queering the Sinophone: Alternative Kinships at the Margin of Chineseness

Thinking Race and Sex
Moderator: Viviane Namaste, Concordia University, Simone de Beauvoir InstituteStephen P. Dillon, University of Minnesota, American Studies
Unseen and Unknown: Neo-Liberalism, the Prison Industrial Complex, and Imprisoned Queer Political Logic


Jason H. Morse, University of Washington, English
Mediation Matters: Rethinking Representation as a Critical Analytic of Racial and Sexual Subjectivities

Yumi Pak, UC San Diego, Literature
Chester Himes’s Yesterday Will Make You Cry

The Queer Past
Moderator: Valerie Traub, University of Michigan, English and Women’s StudiesWill Fisher, Lehman College, City University of New York, English
The Use of Flogging in Venereal Affairs: Sexual Flagellation in Early Modern England


Christine Gottlieb, UCLA, English
Intimacies in the Margins:  Grotesque Aging and Queer Friendships in the Writings of Montaigne, Swift, and Montagu

Bambi Lobdell, SUNY Oneonta, English and Women’s Studies
Queer Pioneer

Homonormativity and Nation
Moderator: Gayatri Gopinath, NYU, Social and Cultural AnalysisJih-Fei Cheng, University of Southern California, American Studies and Ethnicity
Sex, Crimes, and Punishment: A Tour of Duty


R. Benedito Ferrao, Birkbeck College, University of London, English
The Queer Case of the Gay and Lesbian Kingdom: Querying Queer Citizenship and Nation

Liz Montegary, UC Davis, Cultural Studies
The Exceptional Soldier: Homonationalism and the Fight to Repeal “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell”

4:45-5:45 Plenary SessionChreyl Dunye in the Legacy Archive
314 Royce
5:45 Reception
306 Royce



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