Ahh the Guests

So the boy is moving in for a while and we are going to do a series on the blog on gay marriage initiatives in the next week. The boy is a big time advocate who has been losing his cookies over all the gay baiting tactics in various states and I am 20 years committed but not married who finds the gay baiting out there as well as on the blog whenever I dare to write on the topic equally disconcerting, so hopefully writing together we will give you a balanced view of the marriage issue (ie that for some it means everything and for others it is one of many issues where we should have equality but not one we should think will suddenly make it so) then again we may just rant . . .

Thanks to the Guestbloggers for holding it down:

ES – thanks for CFP which looks fascinating and the voter rights piece which not only makes the mind boggle at high tech disenfranchisement but also how little history has changed. Some of the links are a bevy of local information as well which I can’t wait to dive into. I am thinking seriously on asking our poli sci fac to teach a course on feminist civic engagement next term, she does great stuff on race, gender, and voting.

Laura – I cannot tell you how glad I am you did the “link love” post, I’ve been meaning to give the Temple blog a shout out for a while so thanks for beating me to the punch and for tying it in to some of the “current affairs.” I’m telling you this blog is turning into an election reflection . . . which I only get excited about when I look at your post.

JT – I did not get a chance to look at my Taskforce newsletter before today, so thank you for posting this the more people who get the word out the better the results for the project.  I’m thinking there is another oral history archive with a trans section online . . . but cannot find it right now. (I’ll check in the office Tuesday)

Other things to look for:

Alejandro is finishing up a piece on HIV/AIDS and Aging for the blog which is his area. It is just a quickie but I am excited to see it since I have not done nearly enough thinking on the issue myself.

Final thanks:

To the 1000s of people who stopped by this past week looking to help in Texas, you are all amazing!!!  I got an email from one of the organizations listed saying that the blog post generated tons of needed funds and volunteers and that they were grateful to all of you. 😀 Thanks for reminding me how easy it is to transform blogging into important political work, however mediated by class it may be.

Hopefully regular posts will start again Monday


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