Another School Shooting Today

(AFP/Olivier Morin)

This morning, a masked student named Matti Juhani Saari entered Kauhajoki vocational high school in Finland and opened fire. He killed 10 students, 9 in a single classroom and one other in the corridor most likely coming to see what was happening, before turning the gun on himself. It was unclear if the class was his or just the first he saw open.

Saari was a second year culinary school student who had just been released from police custody. It seems Saari had implied he intended to shoot people, while at a gun range, and put it on youtube.  He had also put several other threats like “you will be next” on youtube while shooting his gun at the camera or imaginary people. But somehow, police determined he was “not a big enough threat” to take his license away or hold him for further questioning.

Saari’s rampage is the second school shooting in 2 years in Finland and is the worst the country has experienced. Unlike other shootings, repeated youtube video threats should have been enough to stop this from happening.  As the story unfolds, I hope we are able to determine why they were not.


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