Welfare is Fine as Long as It is Corporate

UPDATE: The protest is still on even though the bail out failed (read more about the no vote here) END UPDATE

Pots and pans protest outside the Federal Reserve this afternoon has been called by Bay Area Code Pink and Cindy for Congress.

In response to
the bipartisan “done deal” of the Wall Street bailout plan, Cindy for
Congress is calling for another non-partisan protest in front of the
Federal Reserve Bank: 101 Market (corner of Market and Stearns) at 4pm
on Monday, September 29th.

(photo by JK co 2008)

Bring your pots and your pans and bang to your wee hearts content, or until the po-po comes for you. D

Why are they protesting? B/c the bail out gives perks to the same
people who engaged in predatory lending and corporate management salary
and benefits padding at the N. American people’s expense.


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