Looking for Optimism? Check Kai

So, feel as down about the economy as I do? Find my blog a big whopping bummer with no solutions other than to make stone soup and follow in the righteous footsteps of the poor in Latin America (which by the way is a serious suggestion and one I think you should all listen to)? Then go read this:

Peril and Opportunity Amid Wall Street Turmoil — The McKinney Plan

Kai has some good reminders about history and some even better thoughts on the future. 

(PS can I tell you how really upset I am that the PBS version of stone soup – has been redone to the center the story on aliens from outer space. In the original version of the story the people are starving do to corruption and unwilling to share – see link above – in the Germany version, which the new PBS version bastardizes, the impetus for making the soup is an ostracized immigrant/traveler not a resourceful villager. Give the way the Center for Immigration Studies Exec Dir. Krikorian just blamed the banking crisis on “minorities especially African Americans, Hispanics, and gays” one could say the progression of the narrative of the story from one of government failure to focusing on “outsiders” is a realistic one. Either way, the end result is that the outsider/resourceful insider is the one who brings the people together and it is the people working in concert who save themselves, see the video below based on the German version of Stone Soup)


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