Fact Checking the Debate & Debate Transcript

Worrisome information about the facts of the debates emerged today, as expected, among them was that McCain voted for no relief for families experiencing or facing foreclosure during this current crisis. He admited that Palin’s denial was incorrect this a.m. On the international level, Palin’s assertion that she had supported divestment in the Sudan because she thinks genocide is wrong and that she is as committed to Biden to ensure that genocides and war related rape do not happen is A LIE.  Palin tried to quash the divestment because it would impact the Alaska Foundation portfolio (ie cut into their revenue – cost $$$).  There are more, but most of them should be well known.

MSNBC Fact Check

Here is the Debate Transcript in full. It is a long file but in pdf so it should work on all computers like the other transcript files I’ve uploaded.


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