Mindless Myopia

Ok, I am writing this post because otherwise the front page of this blog is full of homophobes, racists, sexists, and incompetents and I just want one mindless fluffy thing to cheer up the joint. (You can read the other posts after a fluff break right?)

So, because BBCAmerica has seen fit to run Prime Evil instead of a new season of Torchwood right now, and Prime Evil makes me want to open a vein with a rusty soup can just to get away from its bad CGI monster of the week, and b/c Dr. Who still makes this celtic girl stupid silly with happy how about this one:

Graham Norton

Ok, obviously that clip has been seriously edited. Here is an unedited portion that better explains what is really going on. After a discussion about how Barrowman and Tennant like to pass gas in the TARDIS and Freema does not like it, Graham explains to David that he has placed an ad in a men’s magazine based on a quote from his Cassanova filming days; apparently, actresses were brought in for the multiple adult scenes whom he had never met and would never meet again during filming, so he introduced himself by saying “Hello, my name is David and I will be [fill in whatever the scene called for]” Sadly, the man they prank does not believe it after the photo exchange and misses his chance to talk to David Tennant even tho he is a real Dr. Who fan. pobrecito

And since we have been talking about Freema (hey her name in one of those sentences up there that counts), and this prank with Freema and David is truly funny, why not this too:


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