Caucus? What Caucus?

Alas Dear Readers, I am off to conference with the boys and possibly my gf 😀 it will be the first thing we all do together since the start of the school year. However, that means blog light except for the debate post until I get back.  (Nobody wants a repeat of the cell phone blogging.)

I am looking forward to seeing Moraga, the CSU Panel, the auto-ethnography panel, and the archives panel which I am hoping will give me some ideas to take back to one of my grad students who was not happy with the archive she unofficially dug around in this summer because of its lack of diversity beyond the expected stuff. And of course, Michael’s discussion of feminism as safe space should be enlightening as always.

The boy is excited about the youth panel and the marriage panel and I think Javi said he would be there for that as well, Dean GQ will no doubt be hobnobbing at every important thing I usually skip, so no matter when I actually get the urge to disappear and have a long slow cup of coffee with friends, we will still have all the panels covered. I’m not sayin’ I’ll blog the conference . . . I’m just saying I could, you know ‘cos I’m a “serious political person” too.

(Actually, as a professional, academic, and social justice worker, there is no question that if I blog I will stick to the usual conference blogging format here: writing the things that I thought were really poignant, raised exciting questions or sparked new ideas or plans, and ask questions that I did not get answered or am still mulling over. Academics attempting to share their research and their thoughts, particularly about identity issues, should always be treated with respect whether you know them, think you do or do not know them, or they are strangers, and regardless of rank. Cavalier dismissals are unproductive and even when done in private, can easily become public. The professional ethics that govern this blog mean that we keep an even keel and we respect all people participating from a non-oppressive stance and that includes all of the conference blogging that goes on here. Anything less might be ok for some but is not in keeping with the respect and compassion that is required to create safe space on this blog and amongst the academics who write, speak, or lurk here in their real time interactions with one another and other academics.)

You know what else I like about this year? With Neza/Emmanuel co-chairing it means there are youtube videos!!! And even tho youtube is a child of evil google, you know I love videos. (even ones with music I am not a big fan of, sorry . . . )

I was going to give you Yosimar’s poem but then you wouldn’t go to youtube and look it up . . . So I will give you this one instead:

Who knows, maybe I’ll be less depressed by the state of the universe when I get back. And then again . . .


4 thoughts on “Caucus? What Caucus?

  1. Hi. I made it to the conference! I wondered if you were going to say anything about either key note on Friday? I’m curious about your response(s).

  2. I am just refinding your blog! You’re funny.I really hope you had a good time since I am kind of responsible for making you put up the poster that made someone say you weren’t a "serious political person." God help that fool. You are amazing and I wish you were my prof every time I read your blog!abrazosLara

  3. Hi Lara. Thanks that is very sweet. 😀 Remember the rules about name calling; besides it is high time I got over it. As inappropriate as that & the other comment made I’ve chosen not to fixate on were, and as many times as I have let that be known by using it in sub-headings on the blog, honestly I had so much fun with the boys and flitting between conferences (as much as I could anyway – umm santa monica not quick) that I really actually am over it. Everybody has off days.I missed a lot of the conference b/c I was trying to juggle both, so I’d love to here other’s thoughts on it as well. 😀

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