Quickies: My Nickname isn’t Sunshine for Nothing Edition

(cartoon is co. 2008 to Aaron McGruder artist)

  • Man kills wife and kids over financial crisis – LA
  • Threats and Name Calling on the campaign trial – Florida
  • Another racist incident in Oregon
  • ICE Raids in South Carolina
  • Baby Farm busted in Nigeria
  • Male rapist sentenced in Louisiana
  • Gov Holds Briefing on LGBTQI Hate Crimes – DC
  • Financial Crisis goes global – World

  • And a happy: Free movies on Logo -Online

LA – Karthik Rajaram killed his wife, 3 sons, and
mother-in-law before turning the gun on himself in his Los Angeles home
this weekend. The family was once worth $1.2 million based on Rajaram’s
stock market holdings and his job as a financial analyst. The recent
economic crisis left him without a job or a viable portfolio, plunging
Rajaram into a depression. Despite this fact, they lived in an
exclusive gated community, drove a Lexus, and had at least one child in
UCLA business school. They were not middle class, they were upper
class, and the $500,000 profit on the sale of their home alone should
have been enough to keep them afloat. Only, it was not because the
money was invested in stocks. The Rajaram’s were hardly the misguided
loan seekers the McCain camp keeps referring to in their stump
speeches. Rajaram’s 3 children were all shot in the head but additional
bullet wounds show that at least one or more of them tried to get away
before being killed. read more here.

Florida – In two separate stump speeches recently Palin incited
the crowd to call Obama a terrorist and said out right in at least one
that he “pals around with terrorists.” The “terrorist” in question was
a reformed Weatherman who Obama met 23 years after his Weatherman days when
the two were both working on social justice issues for the poor and incarcerated; hardly
the actions of a current terrorist. When she asked a crowd in Florida
what should be done with terrorists, after they had established that
Obama was one, one crowd member yelled

“kill them!”

(Remember FL is
also the site of the school teacher who taught his students that change
stands for help an “n” get elected.) In a separate incident, a McCain supporter riled up by Palin’s xenophobic insinuations, threatened an African American camera man covering the event. Neither Palin nor anyone in
the McCain camp present condemned the comment at the rallies nor in any
follow up statement later. read more here.

Oregon – Another school is experiencing election related racism in Oregon, this time at the high school level. Jesuit high school, a Catholic high school in Beaverton, called a press conference yesterday to discuss multiple racism incidents on campus over the past week. Among them was the defacing of an election poster which featured pictures of both Obama and McCain.  Someone had scribbled the “n” word near Obama’s image. In another incident, a student has been receiving racist threats from an unidentified student at the school both on campus and at her home. The school is claiming the initial incident was done by people unaffiliated with the school coming on campus and “asking where the Obama posters are” based on the report of a few members of the student body. I find it incredibly hard to believe that random strangers would walk on to a high school campus undetected and demand to know where Obama posters were without some foreknowledge of posters being up (ie from students or others affiliated with the school) and/or that they would come on campus to deface posters out of the blue with no other affiliation to the school. read more here.

South Carolina – workers at House of Raeford‘s Columbia Farms were ordered to show ID. Those who could not were detained pending investigation of their legal status. Some of the people outside pointed out that their relatives had legal status but had not brought their ID to work. I know there are days that I don’t bring ID to work, does that mean ICE is going to put me in a holding cell? Think about that for a moment. Regardless of your stance on immigration, do you really agree with the idea that a government agency can raid your workplace and based on your appearance arrest you for suspicion of committing a crime (not committing it, suspicion of committing it)? 300 people were arrested. At least one was later released based on her ID being presented by a relative who had heard of her arrest. More than 90% of the total workforce at Columbia Farms that day had “some discrepencies” in their identification. Some of those arrested were mothers of small children with no other caregivers. ICE traditionally does not ask people they are arresting if they have children or reliable child care and long term care givers for their kids should they be arrested, nor do they have provisions for locating and ensuring the safety of these arrest-abandoned children who, if born here, are US citizens. read more here.

Nigeria – Police raided a Nigerian hospital in Enugu after a 17 year old pregnant girl escaped and told them she had been held captive in the hospital awaiting the birth of ther child. The hospital and its staff are suspected of taking in unwed mothers and then selling their babies to child trafficking rings that sell the children into physical and sexual slavery. The hospital was capitalizing on the nation’s anti-abortion laws and the social ostracism that unwed mothers, particularly teens, face in Nigeria. The police are investigating the situation now but the hospital has been shut down. read more here.

– Ronald Dominique, 44, was convicted last week of raping and murdering 8 young men in Bayou Blue. Dominique lured the men to his home with fake super model like pictures of himself and/or his fictional wife and paid sex. He then asked the men if they were willing to be tied up. If they said no, he let them go, if he said yes, he tied them up, raped them, and then killed them to hide the evidence of the rape.  He is suspected of additional murders in neighboring counties. The judge in the case gave him 8 consecutive life sentences. read more here.

DC– On September 22 Congress held a briefing on hate crimes against the LGBTQI community a tacit admission that the government realizes the hate crimes against queer people is on the rise. As reported earlier, the HRC estimates sexual orientation and gender variances related hate crimes are third only to race and religion based hate crimes. Read the report from the Lesbian and Gay Taskforce to Congress that documents a number of important cases this year here.

World – while N. Americans worry about the ever plunging economy, very little has been said about the effect on the global market. The EU has also had a financial crash exacerbated by some nation members making decisions at a national level without first consulting the EU. Financial heads for the entire EU met two days ago to discuss how to solve the crisis as job loss reaches an all time high, the stock market continues to crash, and real income is at an all time low. Asian markets claimed to be steady but one analyst said that market fears were beginning to permeate the market based on the N. American collapse and the problems in Europe. Worse the analyst claimed that many blame the US for its failed lending policies, predatory banking, and debt driven economy (all Bush administration issues) for the global crisis. Meaning we have even more people out there who hate us. (this info comes from a BBC America television news broad cast)

Online – and just because these quickies have been so unhappy, I leave you with a happy quickie. Logo has free movies online this month. Among them is the film we reviewed here at the spot Coffee Date and it is so worth the watch. So if you don’t have netflix, missed your chance to watch in theaters or on HereTV (my favorite campy happy place), and were enticed by our review now you can see it on LOGO for free here.


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