New Videos out About Palin and the Rape Kits

Just a super quickie to pass on two videos on the Palin rape kit scandal in case anyone else wants to embed them. 

Video One

The Wassilla Project made this one to alert people to the disparity and it includes an interview with a Republican woman in office in Alaska. (originally seen in an email from alternet)

ACTION: The Wassilla Project is asking people who speak languages other than or in addition to English to help them them translate this video into other common languages in the U.S. to help increase the number of people who see it. If you can help click here.

Video Two

Warning, this second one is not for the faint of heart and could be triggering.  One of my grad students sent it to me and asked “do you think it would be ok to use this in class while you are gone to talk about Domestic Violence month?” My answer was, as long as she was making an academic point and not a political one . . . and as long as she had a counterpoint from the democrat’s side. To which she said, “well, umm . . . Biden drafted the Violence Against Women Act and the Rape as a weapon of war thing to protect women globally . . .  but I don’t think Obama or Biden supported charging women for their own abuse.”  Me either; all tho I do know that McCain voted against VAWA.

I’d say more but I have to juggle two conference this week’s end, which I completely spaced. Thank goodness for friends who can get you in when you neglect to register. Sometimes I really worry about my scattered brain. At least they are close to each other. 😀


If you need non-blog sources to prove that the rape kit charges happened under Palin’s leadership start here:

  • USA Today – includes interview with bill sponsor to end rape kit charges
  • CNN
  • The Frontiersman (Alaska Local) – has an interview with the Police Chief Palin appointed about the rape kits
  • New York Times – OpEd piece
  • Palin’s signature is on the budgets for the City of Wassilla that include the policy of charging for rape kits
  • Hospital records are sealed, but hospitals did the rape kit billing which means there are also concrete records of this practice there as well
  • For a general fact check piece with tons of links see Media Matters
  • Alaska News (this is a blog) also links the rape kit decision to a possible right-to-life issue which is an interesting take

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