I said Guilty!

The boys and I were worried when we saw how willing both Palin’s husband and all of her aids were to place complete blame for Troopergate right at Todd Palin’s feet. After weeks of trying to avoid subpoena’s and claiming nothing had been done wrong, Palin’s “I did nothing” mantra started to crack. Evidence of phone calls, emails, and behind the scenes meetings mounted. Then as the McCain camp mobilized Republican lawyers and public figures to discredit the entire process, it came out that even if Palin and her cabinet did not participate, there were existing incriminating affidavits from many staff members already on file that could be used in their stead


Suddenly, staff and hubby started talking again. Only this time the story they were spinning was that unbeknownst to Palin, her husband was using her office, her government issued office phone, her government issued and paid for email account, and her government employed staff to harass the Police Chief and demand the firing of their ex-brother in law. Hmmm . . .

  • Palin was in on it and was throwing her husband under the bus to save her self
  • OR, Palin was allowing her husband to use her tax payer paid for, government issued, authority for non-government sanctioned activity that included harassing and possibly threatening a Police Chief and all her staff were in on it
  • OR Palin is so clueless about leadership that she actually had no idea about the misappropriation of resources and the mobilization of the implied consent of her office

It was like Day Time TV waiting to see who took the fall.

Duh, duh, duh

Mayor Palin you have been found guilty by an independent, bi-partisan, review board of your peers.

While I am still having trouble figuring out exactly how potraying herself as an incompetent leader who was so clueless about the goings on in her own office and family that she allowed her husband to use her public office as a base of operation to threaten Police and engage her staff, helps her VP Bid, one thing is clear: Palin is a bad leader. Whether it is because she is clueless or because she is duplicitious is irrelavent both negate her ability to be an effective presence in the White House. Both also call into question John McCain’s decision-making skills as he chose her over many qualified Republicans with far less petty skeletons in their closets.

The Troopergate decision further proves what has already become quite clear about how Palin governs: agree with her or get out. It is the kind of frightening leadership style that creates a dysfunctional team and a

slowly unraveling administration. It impacts every aspect of governance, showing up in libraries, hospitals, and policing. It impacts everything from the budget and infrastructure decisions to the day-to-day basics of running an office. And when it goes wrong, there is no accountability. Instead someone vulnerable gets fired. And a staff that knows this is a staff who is perpetually looking for and highlighting vulnerability in the team instead of building each other’s skills up and working in concert. Anybody who has worked for someone who harasses, threatens, or ultimately fires anyone they disagree with knows that kind of person cannot be left in charge of a nation let alone foreign affairs. Palin’s VP bid places her one step away from such a challenge.

As much as Troopergate seems like reality tv, Palin isn’t getting voted out of the house, she and McCain are asking each of you to let her run your’s.

If you wouldn’t work for a leader who abuses power, are you willing to vote for one?


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