Support Black Bloggers for Education & Feminist, ESL, and Dis/ablity Ed Programs Too!

I know that money is tight all around this nation right now, but I am hoping that my readers will support the Black Bloggers from Afrospear and elsewhere in ensuring that black education gets funded in the latest round of DonorsChoose blog fundraising.

Here is how DonorsChoose works:

Here’s how it works: teachers register with the site and upload
projects they want sponsored. Recent examples include podcast equipment
for a high school journalism class in Newton, Kan. ($582 needed), basic
art supplies like paint and magic markers for a fourth-grade class in
Brooklyn ($370), and a bass guitar for an after-school music program in
Los Angeles ($723). DonorsChoose acts as the middle man, purchasing the
materials and shipping them and a disposable camera to the teachers who
made the requests. (Donors later receive thank-you notes from the
students along with photos.)

Last year, with the help of an $11 million “investment” (read: donation) from Web heavyweights like eBay (eBay) founder Pierre Omidyar, Yahoo cofounder David Filo, Silicon Valley venture capitalist Vinod Khosla and Netflix (NFLX) founder
Reed Hastings, the site moved beyond a dozen or so states and
geographic areas to offer services to every school in the country. So
far, has raised $24 million to get support to 1.4
million students in 50 states. Nearly 60,000 projects have been funded.
And that’s only the beginning of Best’s vision for the organization.

Here’s where you come in. Starting Wednesday, check out the Blogger Challenge on

Slant Truth and other bloggers from Afrospear are specifically pointing people to donations that support African American educational needs. Please consider giving by clicking on the link to Kevins post at the beginning of this paragraph or joing the fundraising efforts yourselves on your blogs.

Here are some of the requests that highlight students of color and girls in general (my give list) to tack on to their efforts. If you can, try and support both the Black Bloggers for Education effort (to put the focus on African American students’ needs) and these multiculti and feminist donations as well. I’ve placed the amount they still need and the timeframe, when given, in paranthesis)

You can give a little or a lot and all donations are tax deductible. (They send a thank you and a receipt for your records.)

I’ll be tacking this list to the “donation station” on my side bar as well. (Why not just add the widget? B/c I don’t like competition.)


2 thoughts on “Support Black Bloggers for Education & Feminist, ESL, and Dis/ablity Ed Programs Too!

  1. you’re welcome. The translator link is to the one I am using; it isn’t pretty but it works. There Babel fish one (on same site) is the most compact and user friendly but the translation is best with this one.

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