Equality Forum’s 31 Days of LGBTQ Icons (An Unexpected Meme)

Ok. I know I’m late on this one. However … Equality Forum has put together a website for GLBTQI History Month that features quick bios of 31 queer icons. While I wish they had more diversity, and more trans representation, I think it is a useful resource for people thinking about how to integrate quickies about GLBTQI History Month into primary and secondary classrooms or their blog content.

Check out the piece on Alice Walker and then head over to see who else they have chosen.

When you are done, how about coming back here and telling us 1 to 3 people you would have included. (Uh oh, it might be a meme …)

Here are my Three:

  1. Gloria Anzaldua
  2. Cherrie Moraga (who I had the privilege of hearing speak again recently)
  3. Dee Perez
  4. Noemi Calonje (WHAT?! You thought I was going to follow the rules?)
  5. Gabriel Arkles (so I can put the Sylvia Rivera Law Project on the list)
  6. Paula Allen Gunn
  7. Barbara Cameron
  8. Nikki Giovanni
  9. Lisa C. Moore
  10. Sharon Bridgeforth
  11. Victor Mukasa
  12. Veronica Combs (the Catholic safe link and the racy -oh my gosh I’m gonna have to say a prayer – link; either way she’s just beautiful at what she does)
  13. Helen Zia
  14. Alice Wu
  15. Nisha Ganatra
  16. Harjant Gil (b/c I am always left intellectually and spiritually better by viewing his films)
  17. Madeline Lim (ED of QWOCMAP)
  18. Justin Lo
  19. Elvira Kurt
  20. Svetlana Djurkovic
  21. Evelyn Blackwood
  22. Adelina Anthony (whose poem on war and sexuality I just heard read and was dumbfounded by its complexity and beauty)
  23. C. Jay Fox (b/c Latter Days cheesy goodness is so good and timely write now with prop 8)
  24. Paula Ettlebrick
  25. Katherine Acey
  26. Jamison Green
  27. Jody Marksamer
  28. Lisa Mottet
  29. Joyce Pierson
  30. David Cameron
  31. William, Albert, and Henry

Okay that’s three right? ha. Seriously, let’s just make the meme for your 31 days of queer icons. I’ll come back and fill in the rest after I quell all the mid-term fears at “special office hours.”


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