Action: Support Immigrants Rights


(htp pro-migrant)

One thing that has consistently fallen out of the election discourse is the issue of immigration. Obama gave some rousing speeches on it in the summer and McCain put forward his plan to ship people back in busses in the late summer. While McCain made reference to an Obama ad that he says misrepresents his immigration policy, the ad has not made national news (or been aired nationally) and neither candidate took up the issue of immigration after this comment. In fact, nothing has been said nationally about immigration for several months.

While the campaigns have gone silent, ICE has carried out multiple large raids across the nation with limited media coverage. Several of these raids have been questioned by legal scholars and advocates as to the protection of basic legal rights (right to consultation with a lawyer, right to have your rights explained to you in a way that you understand, etc.). And immigrants are also being targeted for violence. some being brutally beaten to death.

Activists are trying to draw attention to the struggle of immigrants and force immigrants rights on to the platform of whichever person ends up in the White House with an urgent action and fast. The fast began on Oct. 15 but you can still sign up and/or pledge to raise awareness in other ways here. The fast will continue until 1 million people sign a pledge to support the rights of immigrants.


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