Update: Jesuit High School Racism Incident

A few weeks ago I reported that another Oregon school had a racism incident related to the current campaign. This time, Jesuit High School reported that a person came on to campus and demanded to be directed to Obama-McCain posters (posters that bore both their names and faces) and subsequently wrote “nig” next to Obama on them. I openly questioned the logic of this narrative that implied no connection between the racist defacing of the poster and the school students themselves.

The person responsible has now been caught. He was a Beaverton High School student (a high school in a neighboring area) who has friends at Jesuit. (Not a stranger.) The Beaverton High student got into a fight with 3 unidentified Jesuit students resulting in his storming off to deface the poster. The 3 students have not been identified so it is unclear if their argument was about the elections, if they were students of color, or if the argument was unrelated and simply escalated to a campaign related argument as it ended.

This is the 4th major incident in Oregon related to the elections. They include:

  • Hanging Obama in effigy/mock lynching and statement about scholarship kids at George Fox (Quaker college) – suspension for 1 year and community service from the school, police and DAs office refused to bring charges
  • Defacing of the Obama-McCain poster at Jesuit (Catholic High school) – no criminal charges but schools are working on sanction
  • Bee Bee gun shots in a black elderly woman’s window in Portland (she assumes they were high schoolers but did not see them) – no suspects
  • The molotov cocktaiing of a McCain sign by two 20 year old white males who were immediately arrested

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