Vet Injured at Presidential Debate

(photo by Bill Perry)

Iraq War Vet Nick Morgan was trampled by mounted police outside of Hofstra University while participating in a peaceful protest. Morgan and other veterans of the Iraq and Afghanistan wars came to the debate in the hopes of getting both candidates to address peace and the benefits, service requirements, and general conditions of service for veterans and current military. They are part of a movement by veterans to get their issues on the agenda at all of the public speeches and debates related to this election. Like other veterans who have protested at venues as varied as the RNC and DNC and the debates, Morgan and his friends were eventually harassed and arrested by the police.

Mainstream news reported that “one person received minor injuries” in reference to Morgan’s lacerated eye.

He was tended to by fellow veteran Jabbar Magruder before being sent to hospital.


(photo by Bill Perry)

Neither candidate has commented on this or any of the other events involving the harassment, beating, or arrest of veterans outside of political events. As some may recall, veterans were dragged off on camera during McCain’s speech at the RNC, so the idea that they do not know about these incidents is ludicrous.

In all the rhetoric about supporting troops, it seems like no one is actually looking out for them. From the silence about this incident to that of both McCain and Obama’s vote against funding for troops (McCain b/c he did not want a withdrawl clock and Obama because he did) and McCain’s vote to cut veteran benefits and privatize their health care, there is an endless number of incidents in which both candidates have failed. Please review their voting record carefully before voting “to protect veterans rights” clearly there is more than the campaign promises to consider if that is your main issue.

As a child and grandchild of veterans I cannot express enough how disappointed I am in the treatment of our soldiers because they dare to say publicly that this war must end.

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2 thoughts on “Vet Injured at Presidential Debate

  1. Yes. Amazing. They’re also mistreated even if they don’t say the war is wrong. But I don’t need to tell you that the country doesn’t actually support the "troops" – just the war – and that the "support the troops" slogan is just a guilt trip and a silencing technique.

  2. "a guilt trip and a silencing technique"well said Cero! Still, looking into this injured man’s face, I felt shame for our nation.

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