And then they killed something . . . Another Obama Campus Incident

htp James @ Mahatma X Files

A dead bear, with two Obama campaign stickers on its head, was dumped on the West Carolina University campus Monday morning. The bear was shot in the head.

One can only assume it was a Black Bear, which of course makes the non-sequitur suddenly make perfect sense. [eye-roll] (by the way the image above is a brown bear)

I would really like to spend time analyzing this offensive lunacy that has escalated from yelling, to mock lynchings, to actually killing something, but if you are not clear on what is so very wrong about this behavior and how the “terrorist” “hussein” “who is he really?” “not our kind of people” etc. McCain campaign is partially responsible, I cannot help you. (Read article here)

Oh and according to one comment maker on the article site, the 7 suspects in the case say:

they didn’t shoot the bear. They state that they placed the bear carcass that they found as a prank, and that the signs were not a political statement but a means of controlling the blood loss and disguising the head wound. 

Mmhmm, the bear was shot once in the head execution style and the 7 “pranksters” could think of nothing better to do than stop up its head with a flimsy piece of paper and dump it on campus. It never occurred to them the campaign stickers were the least absorbent thing they could choose nor that someone might take it as a threat. 



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