Sarah Palin keeps talking while crowd calls Obama the N Word

htp Womanist Musing

Yet more evidence that the McCain camp either supports a divided N. America or is willing to stoke and/or excuse it to win this election.

Many of McCain’s closest friends have said that whether he wins or loses next month, he will spend the rest of his life laboring under the heinousness of these last few weeks of the election and that he will regret his silence. I think we will all regret his silence as well as how his campaign opened the space for others to be vocal about bigotry and encouraged that bigotry through half truths, coded language, and misnomers long before his one, well televised, correction of an elderly woman who called Obama an Arab. I think that no matter who wins, the nation has proven itself not only to be more divided than anyone hoped but its leaders on both the left and the right have shown themselves tolerant of bigotry – including racism, sexism, and homophobia – in the highest of offices or those with aspirations of occupying them. From the McCain volunteer ast week who claimed she was sexually assaulted (info I did not know when I posted) by a “big black” mugger turned rapist like a page from Birth of a Nation, to the kids in Oregon hanging effigies, to Palin’s silence on audiences saying we should “kill them [Obama and the ‘terrorists’]” and in the face of the “n” word, this is a house that needs to be reminded that unless we stand together our house will not stand at all.

Please consider early voting, or absentee ballot/vote by mail, I have this sinking feeling that it is our safest option.


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