Happy Halloween!!!

[e-card deleted; sorry the music was bugging me]

All silliness aside, several areas are having Day of the Dead craft making for community action to commemorate the women who have died in Juarez, died crossing the border in Arizona, or died because of Domestic and Sexual Violence this weekend. If your community is having one of these events please consider going to commemorate our communities losses and celebrate our lives and our social justice work as feminists (pro-women).

If your community is not having one of these events, consider making an alter of your own in commemoration.

I will be going with a group of students to the ceramics shop this a.m. to make plates commemorating the end to violence in our lives. It is an event that the ceramic shop owner and I discussed a few years ago after a community forum on DSV. This year will be the first year we do it; the idea is to create something out of destruction, to take back the beauty in ourselves as women and targets of violence. I am happy to say that it is sponsored by our Women’s Center. 😀

I will be craft making with all of the amazing woc activists and their allies this weekend and marching in memory of the women lost to border crossings in my area; check your weekly for an event in your area, or if you live in Arizona see the previous post for info. Perhaps I will see some of you there.

Whether you have a radical or silly holiday, have a happy one!!!


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