A Message from Delores Huerta in Support of the Fast for Immigrant Rights


Dear Supporters and Friends of the Fast for Our Future,

In less than a week, our country will hold the most important election of my lifetime. At this time of crisis for our community and our country, it is so important that we all – Latinos, immigrants, and people of conscience – vote to send an unmistakable message that our broken immigration system must be fixed without delay.

When I first visited the Fast for Our Future encampment at Placita Olvera in Los Angeles last Tuesday, I was so moved by the sacrifice and commitment of the people who had been fasting for 7 days, especially the young people. I felt I had to do whatever I could to support them and make their sacrifice as powerful as possible. I know from Cesar’s fasts how deep a sacrifice they are making.

So, I returned tonight to support the fasters and call on people to sign the Pledge to vote for immigrant rights at www.fastforourfuture.com. It’s time to uphold the promise we all made in the marches of 2006, it’s time for us all to march together into the voting booths and give hope to our millions of undocumented brothers and sisters.

Today was day 16 of the Fast, and I am amazed to see people still carrying on. They are so determined to do everything in their power to motivate us all to realize how important it is for everyone who possibly can to vote for change next Tuesday. They are going to fast until 1 million people have signed the Pledge, and we are hundreds of thousands of signatures away from that goal. The fasters are prepared to fast through the election, but I hope that somehow we will come together and encourage enough of our friends, family, co-workers, and acquaintances to sign this Pledge that they will be able to break the Fast as soon as possible.

Cesar once said that if we give ourselves totally to the nonviolent struggle for justice – as the brave fasters are now – we would never be alone. Please show the fasters that he was right – and do everything that you can to support them by taking up the Pledge as your own cause. Now is our chance to use the great power of our votes to win a better future for the undocumented, for all immigrants, for Latinos and workers and our children and grandchildren.

Please, sign the Pledge, forward this email to everyone you know, and ask your friends and family to do the same. Then, on Tuesday, let’s march into the voting booths as a movement and speak with one voice to demand respect for the human rights of immigrants, and everyone, in our country.

Si se puede!



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