Child Shot Trick-or-Treating (robber defense again)

(AP Photo/Sumter Police Department)

The child pictured above was 12 years old, he will not live to see 13.

Last night, young TJ Darrisaw was out trick-or-treating with his father and younger brother when Quentin Patrick opened fire on them from inside his house. TJ had seen the light on, a common practice on Halloween to indicate there is candy for trick-or-treaters, and knocked on the door. The minute his little hand hit knocked, however, Patrick opened fire. His assault rifle emptied 30 rounds before he stopped. TJ was dead long before then.

Patrick is now claiming he thought the 12 year old boy and his family were burglars, the same excuse given by CA Police a few days earlier for shooting and killing 19 year old Julian Alexander on his property. Patrick’s brother also blamed the incident on PTS Patrick was supposedly suffering from a break in, in his home in December of last year. What both boys had in common: they were black.

There is no explanation for why Patrick would have his lights on if he was so terrified of knocking on his door. Nor can PTS justify owning and emptying an assault rifle into a small child ever but especially on Halloween when children were known to be outside and expected to knock on people’s doors. Like the “gay defense” which claims assailants are not guilty of assaults or murder b/c their victim’s “flirted with them” first, Patrick and his family seem to think that the fact the trick-or-treaters were black will be enough to justify thinking they were burglars and killing them.

When the story broke last night it ran across the bottom of my screen with a stream of other news considered less important than the items the newscaster would read outloud. This morning when I asked people if they had heard about TJ’s death, no one had.

The police have charged Patrick with murder and 3 counts of assault and battery with intent to kill. They have also charged a 19 year old who was in the house when the shooting started but tried to escape out the back door. Ericka Pee had $7500 on her when apprehended; the large sum of cash and the presence of an automatic weapon in the house potentially point to this incident being drug related (ie Patrick and Pee having something to do with drugs not poor TJ and his family).

TJ’s little brother and father were released from the hospital late last night, havinng been treated for minor injuries. One other relative with them, another child, was unharmed.



One thought on “Child Shot Trick-or-Treating (robber defense again)

  1. Dear God, I have no words….As a parent I cannot imagine the pain of his father watching his baby boy be shot to death right in front of his eyes. To say I am horrified does not even come close to expressing my emotions. The mans excuse for cutting short the life of the little boy is ridiculous. You are right in that he assumes that because the child is black he will get off on a case of white panic. It is my hope that he will get the justice that he deserves. 3 hots and a cot are all the future this man deserves.Thanks for writing about this, I had not heard a word about it.

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