And in Global News – UN Fails to Bring Food Relief in DRC

UN Convoys reached Kibati camp today after fighting in the eastern part of the Congo had forced 100,000s out of their homes and into camps without food or supplies. The convoy was assured safe passage from both rebels and the government to resupply camps. And resupply them they did: with soap and toiletries.

Some families have gone 5 days without food.

There is no guarantee that all of the parties will agree to another safe passage for UN supply convoys again.

The UN explained its actions today by saying its priority was to replenish medical supplies looted by various factions during the conflict. I am sure that bars of soap will greatly alleviate the suffering of all the hurt civilians in the area …

Read more here and then vote on Tuesday for local and national leaders who will put an end to 10 years of unchecked war and violence against women in the DRC.

(image girl cries after her food ration is torn from her by bullies in a refugee camp in Somalia – note she is not from the DRC; images from DRC camp all showed people eating b/c they were before this crisis)


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