Don’t Forget to Vote

A lot of money has been spent to convince N. Americans in several states that allowing two consenting adults to get married outside of a heterosexual model is unacceptable and destroys the fabric of society. “The fabric of society” has been used as a reason for marriage exclusion throughout this nation’s history, but each time we manage to get a new group of excluded people through the door what actually happens is that our society becomes less tolerant of treating that group like they are less than human. Granting marriage to black people after slavery did not unravel the fabric of society. Granting marriage and marriage reunification to Asians after the Asian exclusion Acts did not unravel the fabric of society. Granting interracial marriage did not unravel the fabric of society. In fact it was one step, in many, toward seeing people of color as human and equal in periods in which they had been defined as less than human and unworthy of equality. And while these changes did not represent an end to racism or Xenophobia, any more than electing Barack Obama today will do so, it did shift social mores and subsequently social exclusions that underpin discrimination and inequality.

If you live in one of the states asking you to make permanent discrimination against consenting adults today, remember, you have a choice between a world that dehumanizes people on the basis of whom they love or who embraces the right of everyone who is a consenting adult to love openly. Where this bill will not have the miraculous impact either side has claimed with regards to its overraching impact on social inequality, it will be one step toward living in a Nation with “Liberty and Justice for ALL.”



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