Important Information About Voting Tomorrow

Here are the things every voter need to know to make sure your vote counts and to help others in your community vote successfully.


  • You have the right to take time off from work to vote.
  • You have the right to cast a provisional ballot if your name is not on the list.
  • You have the right to vote if you’re in line by the time the polls close.
  • You have the right to ask for help while you’re voting.

Specific Questions or Answers to False Info and What You Can Do

Election Day is TOMORROW Nov. 4, 2008 – while you may think no one is fooled by those robocalls that say the vote has been extended to the 5th or that Dems should vote on the 5th, please remember that this is the first time voting for a lot of people who may not be as knowlegable about our election system as you.

what you can do

  1. Remind elderly, immigrant, and young voters in your neighborhood that they need to vote on Tuesday.
  2. Place a sign in your yard saying “Tuesday is the Day. Don’t Forget to Vote”
  3. make little note cards (fancy or plain 3 by 5 cards doesn’t matter) that say “Don’t forget to vote today” and put them in the in boxes at work, your neighbors mailboxes, or hand them to people on the street

You CANNOT vote by phone – robo calls are targeting Spanish speaking Latinos saying that they can vote by phone b/c of special needs or to ensure their votes count at polls that may not have Spanish materials

What You Can Do

  1. Make sure all of the Latinos, and any immigrants for whom English is a second language, in your neighborhood and workplace know that they cannot vote by phone
  2. Call your abuelitos and tell them, they cannot vote by phone
  3. volunteer at the Obama camp headquarters in your area to make calls in Spanish to voters to remind let them know they cannot vote by phone and help them find a polling place
  4. if you need to locate a multi-lingual polling place call – 1-800-422-8683

INS and/or Law Enforcement will NOT be Checking status at the polls – You CANNOT vote unless you are a citizen; however, if you have undocumented people in your family, this should not prevent you from coming to the polls. No one will be checking status of none voters nor deporting or detaining people who show up to the polls and are suspected of being onducmented. This is a SCARE TACTIC.

What You Can Do

  1. Let people know all documented voters are safe and should vote
  2. Stand up for anyone at the polls that you see being harassed on the basis of their ethnicity or language skills

You Don’t Have to Have a Driver’s License or “Special Voter ID Card” to vote – in some states you do need some form of photo ID to vote, but it does not have to be a driver’s license and there is NO SUCH THING as a “special voter ID card”

What You Can Do

  1. if you are a first time voter remember to bring ID and remind other first time voters of the same thing – if you registered with photo ID you should not have to show it again
  2. Many states will accept utility bills or pay stubs as ID you must check the specific rules in your state click here
  3. ID that counts: school ID, passport, tribal ID, military ID, state ID, or a driver’s license
  4. ID that counts if you have two of the following: certificate of naturalization, draft record, voter reg card, birth certificate, state ID of any kind, certain kinds of mail (check here)

If you are Differently-abled Federal Law Requires Reasonable Accomodations: This is partially true. Federal law requires that voting polls be accessible, when certain polling places cannot meet accessibility standards, they are required to reassign differently-abled voters to an accessible polling places UPON REQUEST. If you did not request a polling change then you should not be receiving calls about changing your polling station.

What You can Do

  1. If you receive unsolicited calls – check with your local polling area to see if it is accessible and tell them that you received these calls
  2. If you are at an inaccessible voting booth and you see differently-abled people turned away – Remind them that Federal Law requires them to be accessible and ask the people running the booth to locate the nearest alternative accessible polling station and whether or not provisional ballots are acceptible.

You CAN Wear Whatever You Want – some states do have prohibitions against campaign paraphenalia at the polls, in those states you can still vote as long as you take off the buttons, stickers, hats, etc. and or zip up your coat or pull on a sweater over your t-shirt. If someone prevents you from voting after you have done this, it is VOTER SUPPRESSION and is illegal. I would however recommend you leave the paraphenalia at home in those states.

What You Can Do

  1. Know your state rules; states known to have anti-campaign gear at polls laws include: Nebraska, Virginia, and NY
  2. bring extra coats, sweaters, or shirts just in case someone in line with you wears their stuff and does not have a way to put it away when voting
  3. Leave it at home or in the car. Do you really want drama just to wear a t-shirt?
  4. Stand up for anyone who is harassed or turned away after they have covered up or taken off campaign gear – remind the pollster of the law

You CAN STILL VOTE if You’ve Been Foreclosed on – most states have a grace period in which you can still vote at your regular polling place regardless of having moved, especially for foreclosure. Some states have already fought and won to keep Republicans from disenfranchising voters who have lost their homes, so there is already legal precedent to protect your rights.

What You can Do

  1. Montana allows people who remain in the same county to vote at their same polling places, if you have moved to a different county you should have re-registered. If you did not, call 877-622-6268 to find your polling station and how to do a provisional ballot
  2. If you are not on the list of voters in your regular place, make sure you are not listed elsewhere by calling 1-877-874-6226
  3. If you are not registered elsewhere INSIST ON A PROVISIONAL BALLOT – not only do you have a right to one but if we had to fight voter suppression later you will need to have voted to count

You do NOT have to pay outstanding bills or tickets to vote – they CANNOT require you to pay outstanding bills to vote nor disenfranchise you for bills this includes campus parking tickets. No matter what your economic status YOU CAN VOTE.

What You Can Do

  1. Let people know
  2. if you live in an economically depressed area, consider making it a point of telling your neighbors before you leave for work either personally or on a little note card with your polling place address and other helpful info

Diebold/touch screen voting STILL HAS FLAWS – unfortunately, many of the hack information uncovered in 2000 and 2004 has not been corrected according to watch dog groups like Black Box. If you vote on a Diebold machine or a touch screen in general, make sure to get a record of your vote.

What You can Do

  1. ask for a paper receipt of your vote – check the information for the correct date, the correct votes, and a signature from an election official at the polling place
  2. ask for the address of the “warehouse” if they say your real receipt is elsewhere and then go get it from them
  3. Public record says they must give you this information when asked
  4. Remind others to do the same
  5. When the elections are over ask to see the receipts for the votes – again public record requires them to hand this information over
  6. take some time to watch the documentary Hijacking Democracy on HBO or Youtube and find other ideas to protect your rights in our guest post from Endless Screed here.

You will NOT lose financial aid, dependent tax credits for your parents, etc. if you vote in the town in which you attend school – you are allowed to vote in the same place you attend college without impacting your parents taxes or your financial aid, what you cannot do is vote for measures in your home state.

What You Can Do

  1. announce this information in your classes
  2. Make it a point to ask people on campus if they voted and if they have misinformation correct it
  3. you should have already got a provisional ballot if you intend to vote absentee in your home state, if you did not complain using the links elsewhere or contact your County Elections Officials
  4. Make a date with your friends, classmates, colleagues on campus to vote together and take as many people with you as you can

Need a ride?

NM is offering rides to the polls click here

What if I did not get my ballot?

  • WA – contact County Auditor here
  • OR – Contact County Elections Office here
  • CO – go to the polls
  • report the problem to the Obama campaign so that there are records of voter problems potential suppression and in case we have to do something about it later: here

What about straight tickets?

  • North Carolina – you must mark “straight ticket” AND Barack Obama (or McCain)
  • other states – just mark “straight ticket”
  • If you are confused, ask

How Can I check to see if I have been purged from the record?

  • check here
  • call your Secretary of State
  • if you have been purged: ask for a provisional ballot and then file a complaint here


Remember, if you experience ANY THING out of the ordinary when trying to vote, especially any attempts to mislead, redirect, or prevent you from voting, please contact the Obama campaign so that they can make sure every vote counts. The complaint form is here.

You can also still volunteer to help prevent voter suppression and fraud with the Obama campaign here.

(This information was all gleamed from the Obama campaign anti-voter suppression and anti-fraud site. He is working hard to make sure that our democracy remains intact and that every vote counts. Whether you are Republican or Democrat you can use his complaint form to register issues with voting and know that your rights will be protected.)




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