Bring on the Happy

The painting below was unveiled yesterday at the New Museum on Manhatten’s Lower Eastside.

“Michelle and Sasha Obama Listening to Barack Obama @ the DNC”

It is part of the Elizabeth Peyton exhibit curated by Corrinna Durland. Peyton is best known for her use of vibrant colors in portraiture. 

This painting, which is fairly new, was added in honor of Obama’s win on Tuesday. If you have not seen the exhibit, or the new painting, you can find out more information here. (The show runs until  Jan 11 and then will move to MN before going abroad.)


5 thoughts on “Bring on the Happy

  1. how funny, I thought the same thing but I remember that moment, commenting how tired Sasha was, and it looked exactly like that. Maybe it was just the nostalgia of memory that made me smile at it. <shrug>

  2. 😀 I’m sure you can get a print by following the link to the museum or if you live in the NYC area, you could actually see the real thing and get a print! 😀

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