So This is Love . . .

This prop 8 thing, both the loss and the aftermath, has really pushed me and so many of my closest friends (hard core social justice advocates in CA) past the breaking point. Besides hearing about all of the homophobic and racist comments hurled at Friday night’s rally, I just ended up in a similar conversation online. As I stared incredulous at the screen, my gf slipped her hand into mine and led me to the tv, where she had already put a warm cup of eggnog cocoa (eggnog + abuelita, my fav. what?!) and some fresh pumpkin bread. She pushed the play button on the DVD player, and one of my favorite movies started:

Nina’s Heavenly Delights

(Ironically my other standby fav is Latter Days)


And as I snuggled into her and felt her long, muscular arms, wrap around me tight, safe, I thought: How can anybody say this is wrong? And how could anybody else blame us  … The only voice of reason is the gravelly pitch of her’s against my ear, reminding me, we are still here.

Lone Justice – Shelter


2 thoughts on “So This is Love . . .

  1. I was linked to this via MyDD, and I want to let you know that I’m white, gay and support you in every respect. These filthy attacks from wrong-headed people are reprehensible. There is too much misdirected anger going on and it is wrong. Don’t lose hope. Don’t lose faith. We will win this thing, and we will win it together.

  2. thanks Thomas. It is good for everyone who reads here to hear the commitment. I think we will, b/c we must, find a way to heal these rifts too

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