The Alphabet Meme: Movies

No one tagged me for this meme, but in light of ongoing bigotry against and among the queer community, it seemed like some fluff was in order. Besides it is a great first “guilty pleasure” post. REMEMBER TO DELURK AND GIVE UP A MOVIE YOU LIKE TOO, don’t just do the meme.

The Rules:

Pick your favorite movie for every letter of the alphabet. Make a list with ONLY ONE film per letter. Put the trailer or favorite scene after each film.

I am intentionally airing on the side of fun in this list. You know of course I will not be following the one only rule.


The Tag:

I am not going to tage anyone. Instead, I am going to make this my guilty pleasures post by focusing on some films I might not be as forthcoming about liking in another context. (Not all of the films are “guilty pleasures” but many count.) DE-LURK AND PUT A FILM IN THE COMMENT SECTION. Then if you want to do the meme on your blog, it’s all you.

The PS:

We’re on a blog break for a few days maybe more depending on how many “so how much extra credit do I have to do for not particpating in this class for 2 months” meetings I have to take this term.

My List:

Los Amantes del Círculo Polar – the subtitle of this story is “love isn’t easy” ‘nough said

Barbarella – camp at its finest

Better than Chocolate – activism, art, and love, yay!

The Blossoming of Maximo Oliveros – while I take extreme exception to the age difference between Maximo and his would be love interest, this film’s astute critique about corruption, survival, family, identity and coming of age is truly powerful.

Breakfast on Pluto – religious hypocrisy, gender bending, and a back drop of the Troubles (some questionable racial constructions)

Butterflies are Free – love and learning to be free; class and ability issues

The Bubble – despite some contrived names and an obvious ending, it really was an amazing film in its ability to capture the light and frivolity of youth, the darkness and volatility of borders and conflict, and the beauty of love


El Cielo Dividido (Broken Sky) – In few words it illustrates the rawest of emotions: love, betrayal, hurt, desire, and reticence. It is both powerful and painful and I love it!


Chitty Chitty Bang Bang – this is the best kids movie ever! It has a flying car, surreal villians and song and dance numbers, and candy.

Crazy as Hell – The devil puts a self-absorbed and self-aggrandizing psychiatrist in his place but only after he misses his chance at redemption

Daughters of the Dust – black female herstory about the retention of culture across the Passage, some of the unmarked contributions we have made to N. Am., and the diversity within black identity


Disco Pigs – when love goes terribly terribly awry


D.E.B.S. camp at its finest take two (and its one of those rare films greenlighted that was directed by a woc)


Dil Se – when love is not enough and when politics go too far

Eastside Story – low budget comedy that looks at gentrification, racism, closets, sexuality, responsibility, and true love

Edward Scissor Hands – do I have to explain

Fallen – creepy questions about evil, come on I’m catholic, of course I love this movie

Flag Wars – the impact of queer driven gentrification on long time black communities; unexamined racism and classism in some members of the queer community and homophobia amongst some black residents

Fido – best zombie movie since Night of the Living Dead; comedic look at inequality, self-righteousness, etc.


Gabriel – a discussion of how the world corrupts the soul, unsatisfying ending

Heathers – teen angst at its finest; “our love is god, let’s go get a slushie”

Hedwig and the Angry Inch – this movie defies description

Incredible True Adventures of Two Girls In Love – if you don’t know why, there is something wrong with you

Idlewilde – visually stunning storytelling

Johns – b/c (sadly there is no youtube of it and I cannot be more expressive than that)

Just a Question of Love – while I think dating your students is WRONG, I do like the juxtaposition of these two men and their families and the way that identity, family, and the closet are explored.

Kandahar – b/c it gives us a much more nuanced version of women in Afghanistan than any that we were bombarded with to justify the war

Kinky Boots – how the economic crisis transforms a traditional town/shop and how openness makes that happen (see I can make fluff political that is why I teach media)

Lady Jane – one girl believed that we should all have freedom from class and religious oppression, that women should have the right to choose who they love, and that not even the expectation of a nation nor crown should change that.

Latter Days – b/c some Mormons get that religious hatred toward those who love differently is not only hypocrisy it is against God’s mandate to love; the film addresses racism, homophobia, families we choose and families we lose, and love

The Look out – it address the idea of temporary able bodiedness, the way that our society treats disability, and it has two of my favorite actors in it

Love Song – super cheesy goodness, about love and class and music and following your heart

Maria Full of Grace – issues of class and gender and immigration

Mercy – an erotic thriller that illustrates how homophobia, transphobia, and sexism combine to put women and the GLBTQ community at risks and how talk of “family values” vs. “dirty queers” often masks accepted hetersoexual sexual violence like Domestic and sexual violence in the home and child sexual assault.

Mga Pusang gala – a movie about a lonely, overweight, gay man and his equally delusional pregnant neighbor and the small tragedies of dead end lives

Night Watch – visually stunning and interesting moral questions

On A Clear Day – Before there was Sybil there was Babs

The Order – more Catholic intrigue and morality questions come on, I love it !

El Orfanato – a creepy exploration of diability, difference, cruelty, and love al wrapped up in a ghost story!


The Pillow Book – while it does have some queer pathology subtext it is a fascinating take on the power of words and what is written on the body


Pretty in Pink – my high school in a nutshell

The Prophecy – a war in Heaven over the place of human souls?!!

Quinceañera – rites of passage, class, identity, and sexuality


Rabbit Proof Fence – eugenicism, imperialism, and racism, all thwarted by the power of one little girl and her sisters

Robin Hood (Walt Disney) – This cartoon version was the most astute critique of greed and poverty ever

The Salt of the Earth – class analysis, women’s empowerment, and a cast made up of real miners that took history seriously!

Secuestro Express – a critical examination of the growing divide between the rich and poor under global capitalism through the kidnap of a rich couple; some questionable race issues and sexuality issues

Shelter – a story about love and family responsibility from an all too true place of too large a weight placed on one’s shoulders by irresponsible people and how hard it is to make people whose lives are much easier, especially rich ones, understand what is at stake

The Tatooist – underrated creepy

Talk to Her – commitment vs. compromise, identity and masculinity, “forgotten” history “PhD in P.O.P”

This Property is Condemned – a story about obligation, classism, and the particular gendered ways they play out

Trick – cutest falling in love story ever

Urbania – urban legends as a metaphor for denial of the existance and extent of gay bashing; juxtaposition of straight freedom to love with homophobia’s limits on queer freedom to love


Vampire Effect – Kung Fu vampire hunters, reversal of racial stereotypes, and kick ass women (Before there was Twilight, there was this)

The Way We Were – my twenties in a nutshell (umm but I hate “memories” so no youtube for you)

When Night is Falling – when conservative faith meets love and new found freedom; visually stunning

Who’s the Woman? Who’s the Man? – a cross dressing comedy in which both gender identity and gender roles are explored, defied, and used as foil for mishaps. also explores sexuality. (no video)

The Wind that Shakes the Barley – questions of freedom, ideology vs. dogma, and the cost of compromise with colonization


Wilby Wonderful – love, hope, and despair in a small town + some of my fav actors 😀


Xandu – rollerskating musical need I say more

The Yellow Submarine – the blue meanie need I say more?

La Zona – poverty and class antagonism take on new heights when poor kids are accused of killing rich residents in Spain and the police give the rich people permission to do away with the “trash”

2 thoughts on “The Alphabet Meme: Movies

  1. So many of my favorites here but so many I haven’t seen. I had to open up my netflix queue. Two more thoughts: I would take any media class you teach, and you’ve confirmed my enormous love for "Xanadu."

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