Saturday Protests

If you have images or want to view images from the nation wide protest over prop 8 you can upload them and/or view images here

The organizers are also collecting your stories about the event and/or your reasons for supporting marriage equality for EVERYONE. You can give them your story here.

One result of the passing of prop 8 is a new energy in the queer community across the nation in rural and urban communities to come out, seek equality, and question anyone who would legislate inequality. As the week moved from the CNN insistence on looking at race over other factors to Savage repeating misleading and numerically impossible statistics to the rallies organized by Latin@s, in conjunction with African Americans, and finally nation wide rallies that occurred in the “Heart Land” as well as the “left Coasts,” the discourse not only changed from one of blame to one of shared responsibility and commitment but also from a single rights issue to an equal rights issue in which people mentioned immigration rights, health care, job security, safety in schools and churches, etc. 

Several of my students from the queer media class attended the rally in our area and/or went back to California to rally there. I look forward to hearing their stories before class on Wednesday.



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