Winona LaDuke Needs Your Help

htp Plains Feminist

Winona LaDuke’s house burnt down last weekend!!!!


No one was hurt but everything inside the house was completely destroyed. While things are transitory, the fact is she lost books, art, music, photos, and documents. Some of these things can be replaced with your help.

They include:

  • Any Photographs you have of LaDuke and her children throughout the years
  • Movement t-shirts – LaDuke made it a point of buying t-shirts at social justice events around the world for her children. If you have t-shirts from historic events that you are willing to part with, especially Zapatista, no-nukes, green energy, anti-colonial, no-gmo, native artists, anti-environmental racism, etc. please consider sending them
  • books – it might be best to ask the White Earth Land Recovery Project what type of books to send. again the list of themes for t-shirts is a good place to start, as well as feminist or pro-woman texts.
  • baby clothes and baby blankets – Little Crow, LaDuke’s newborn grandson, lost all of his things, as did her two toddler age grandchildren. If you can donate the basics: baby blankets, clothes, winter coats, baby towels/robes, etc. that would be greatly appreciated


This request does not come from LaDuke herself but rather a close friend who says these are the items most needed and least likely for LaDuke to request herself.

She has given so much to so many across multiple identities and movements. For me personally, as well as for many of my students, she has been a source of hope, strength, knowledge, and spiritual groundedness. This is our chance to give back to a powerful feminist in a time of need.

You can send letters and donations to the following address:

Winona LaDuke
White Earth Land Recovery Project
607 Main Avenue
Callaway, MN 56521

(And now we return to blog hiatus until Jan 2009)


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