Alleged Rapists Caught in CA Lesbian Rape Case

Two adult males and two minors were arrested in connection with the rape of a lesbian woman in Cali. Humberto Hernandez Salvador and two teens, ages 15 & 16, were arrested on the basis of the survivor’s description and reports from neighbors and associates that corroborated certain details of the case. Josue Gonzalez turned himself in after hearing there was a $1 million warrant out for his arrest. None of the accused has admitted to the crime or otherwise provided evidence indicating their involvement or lack there of at this time. Police have indicated that tips from area residents and the survivor’s own description make them confident they have the right people in custody.

Multicultural rallies in support of the victim and against hate crimes and violence against women were held in both Northern and Southern California. It was a time for the community to pull together around the often hidden face of the LGBTQ community, working class queers & queers of color. For some it was also an opportunity to reflect on how recent narratives of race over sexuality and vice versa have helped to embolden already empowered homophobes and heterosexists to dole out what is increasingly appearing to be state sanctioned violence and inequality on the community/ies.


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