More on the “Drunken Negro Face Cookies”

So this is the video of the report I referred to in the previous post with the baker’s, Ted Kefalinos’, own words about the cookie and what it means. The positive part about this issue is that everybody in the Village was clear the cookies were offensive and that it would be impossible not to know that (and they interviewed immigrants and citizens, male and female, black and white). Even the man who says you have to let these things roll off you, acknowledges the offense first.

I highly doubt Ted Kefalinos will be impacted by a writing campaign but I do think it would be interesting to ask people going in and out of the bakery how they can shop there, especially since In Style Magazine claims it is a favorite place of celebrities. While the baker may have nothing to lose from intense scrutiny, the celebrities who shop there without ever once alerting the media to the “drunken negro face” turned “drunken Obama face” for inauguration day cookies, probably do have more at stake.

The bakery owners claim to have sold all 12 of the cookies they made on inauguration day.

Some parents of a near by school are planning to boycott the bakery and others have called to express their concern, disappointment, and in some cases issue pranks. There has also been a lot of backlash in the comment section of online reviews of the bakery that range from constructive criticism to name calling. If you choose to contact the bakery or write a post, I would caution you to use appropriate language and analysis so that the message about racism from the bakery does not get drowned out in cries of inappropriate protest behavior.

The bakery in question:

Lafeyette French Pastry Bakers
26 Greenwich Ave
New York, NY 10011

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