Blog Love: Racialicious

Ok, I admit this blog love is a little old skool, as racialicious has been around a very long time and certainly morphed into ever expanding territory since I first started reading it, way back when. However, I was just reading it again for the first time in a long while and thinking to myself: not only do I love this blog but most of the people commenting are really astute.

Not only do they write thoughtful pieces analyzing race and racism from many different vantage points and intersections, but they also have a pretty intellectually sophisticated and talkative audience. (And I like that they have increased their discussion of sexuality from the last time I was a regular reader as well.)

Honestly, I laughed out loud at one of their comment makers who responded to my recent Tropic Thunder comment by saying racial passing in film is ancient, and then just in case that “prof” in front of my name was actually real (and it is) added “I know you know that, I just like repeating it.” It was the perfect way to make a corrective comment so that the people who might not know that racial passing goes all the way back to antebellum, if not further, get the info, while people who already know are not insulted. Assuming your audience is mixed is also a great way to stop flame wars before they start.

It’s a really great blog. So here is to old skool love 😀

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