Coming Up this Weekend

ok I admit it, I am busy with my actual job related writing and have not been keeping up here lately. So here is to things to come this weekend:

  1. My final Donald Strachey Review
  2. Save Me Review (Filmed in the Land of Enchantment no less)
  3. Review of the amazing young adult series The Uglies by Scott Westerfield
  4. A long slow glance at the dystopia on BSG and why Starbuck stopped being hot

So let the fluffy gazing into queer and queered media begin. 😀

(Oh yeah, and I will also weigh in on the global gag rule and the $353 million budget cut in Women’s Health, Hillary Clinton’s first week at the SOS wheel, and PETA’s fun with Asparagus commercial.)

All this and more just as soon as I finish that darn article.

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