BHM: The Obama Puzzle

I have to teach today, so I am giving you a game to play for today’s Black Herstory Month post. You should recognize the image from a critical moment in the shifting of this nation’s political landscape.

While Barack Obama was not the first black presidential hopeful to grace the DNC, he was the first to be the nominee. Making Michelle Obama the first black woman to have a 50% chance of becoming first lady at the time this photo was taken.

I am going to do a post on Michelle Obama later this month because I think the work she has done in her own right and as part of this history making family require their own attention. As I’ve said before, she inspires me to be a better woman. For now, enjoy the distraction. 😀


PS. Don’t forget to tell me if you liked it. It’s my first puzzle and embedding on wordpress is a pain. 😀

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