Resources for Radical Black Women (And All Y’All Too)


—- post edited due to thought police intervention —–

I stumbled on Alexis Pauline Gumbs DIY site for radical feminists of color and it is amazing!!! So, since I cannot talk about revolution in my classes today, lest I encourage them to topple the economic disparity that is riddling the nation’s campuses or at least the one here at Pov U (ok, yes I can, but I’m not supposed to . . .) I’m passing the revolution on to you. Go visit this site for radical zines, tools for healing and love, good reads, and a brilliant and beautiful look into what young feminists of color are up to in this crazy crazy world.

Are you still here? Go there NOW!!!

2 thoughts on “Resources for Radical Black Women (And All Y’All Too)

    • Welcome to the blog Alexis. If what you have done so far is any indication, I look forward to seeing all the great work that you have yet to still do.

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