Help Distribute La Nueva Raza

I just got the image below in my in box today:


The plea was drawn by a child held in dentention near Austin TX. It is 1/2 of the cover of this month’s edition of La Nueva Raza. The other half is a photo of a full detention center from behind the bars.

The image reminds of us how “who is American” and who is not plays out in the lives of even the youngest people among us and how the message of legality and rights is internalized accordingly.

One thing that many Latin@ bloggers try to keep at the forefront during the election was immigration. It was something neither the candidates nor the media spent much time on, especially as the election drew to a close. It was as if the border fence plan, the growing legal and extra-legal border patrol ranks, and the increased hate crimes and hate crime related deaths of Latin@s across the country had no bearing on the nation at large or its future. Even as ICE raids broke up families, leaving nursing mothers behind bars and children on the side of the road, national level public outcry was missing. It was neither a woman’s issue nor a human rights issue that a N. America quick to blame immigrants for job loss cared to address.

This month’s edition of La Nueva Raza begs to differ. Including articles on: detention centers, immigration and the economy, the right to organize, and urgent actions to stop the SAVE Act, boycott Wells Fargo, and stop ICE Raids as well as articles on music, poems, and history.

If you attend a college campus or shop at one of those progressive grocery stores in TX, please consider asking them if they would carry La Nueva Raza. They are asking for your help with distribution.

We need help distributing!
We need comadres and compadres to help spread the word!
Contact editor@lanuevaraza. org to have some issues sent to you!

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