BHM: Cathy Hughes

teaching so this is a quickie:

ch1Cathy Hughes is the founder of Radio One, the largest corporation owned by an African American in the world.  She wanted African Americans to have the opportunity to impact one of  the then-most wide reaching mediums available: radio. She also wanted to give African American journalists and broadcasters a forum in which they could develop their skills, become successes, and impact the way everyone sees the issues of the day.

Besides the 53 radio stations owned and operated by radio one, Hughes has continued to keep the company in touch with growing media trends. Her holdings now include TV One, which broadcasts on both cable and satellite, Magazine One, to impact print journalism, and Reach Media. They also operate a website, online streaming of their programs, and an online magazine. Thus African American journalists have the option of learning and excelling at any number of relevant mediums and helping shift the discussion of key issues toward a more diverse set of opinions than the larger white and male media pundits on mainstream television and print media.

As the images on their site attest to, Hughes has made Radio One not only into a place that mentors and provides opportunities for African Americans but also women. Originally thought of as a place to empower African American women, Radio One now employs anti-racist women of all ethnic and racial groups while still focusing on the empowerment of black women in the media.

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