Obamas Choose a Puppy


Below is the official White House photo of the Obama dog, named Bo.  Supposedly, he was given to the Obamas by the Kennedys after he did not work out at another family. Whether this story is true or meant to stop the misguided and shocking harassment of the dog breeder who raised the dog, as happened with the breeder who gave VP Biden his dog, or it is an actual “rescue,” we will probably never know. The Obamas will however be making a sizable donation to a local Humane Society since their daughters’ allergies prevented them from getting a dog there.

Obama Promised Puppy

AP Photo/The White House, Pete Souza

As you can see, the dog they were given is a black version of the breed as opposed to the brown one I chose for the original post. He also has at least two white paws to go along with the traditional white tummy patch. (I chose the brown ones because the black ones are standard and I hadn’t ever seen a brown one before. chalk it up to my never ending need to go against the grain.)

End Update.

Ok, yeah, this post is shamelessly trivial in the face of economic crises, global inequality, and all of the social justice causes that occupy this blog.  Still, how can you not look at this photo and no why I had to tell you? Can’t a girl have a little fluff moment?!? Geez!!!


This is a Portuguese water dog and according to People and CNN, one like this will be living in the White House very soon.

We at la casa, have a 7 dog brood of rescued doggies, so yes, no matter how silly it is, we did pay attention when this was announced.  You can read more in this month’s edition of People Magazine.  Then rush to the Humane society and rescue a dog yourself b/c the Obama girls’ allergy issues meant they could not.

12 thoughts on “Obamas Choose a Puppy

  1. I love that you have seven dogs. And I love this post. And the last one, which I’m still reading. Suffice it to say, I love the fluff.

    • shhh . . . my colleagues don’t actually know we have 7 b/c you know . . . that little puppy makes me want an 8th one and that is how you know its cute.

    • welcome to the blog fred. Please refer to the comment guidelines and if you must quote conservative pundits put your comments in quotations and cite it.

      others in this thread – please don’t feed the trolls

  2. the obama’s actually stole their portuguese waterdog by means of coersion. By cornering a family about wanting “their” particular portuguese waterdog, the obamas made them feel very uncomfortable and were basivally cornered into giving them the dog and THEN the obamas, being that fakes that they are, put up the front that it’s an adopted dog.

    • welcome to the blog Sandy. I’m not really sure where you got this completely fabricated story from, but it is common knowledge that the Obamas were gifted the dog from the Kennedys. The Kennedys are on record. The Obamas are on record. And every major news source has printed an article on the subject. Remember to always check your sources.

  3. Why anyone would be interested in posting a message on your blog. My goodness you are rude! People are simply posting a response to you! Try and be a little less harsh when you give a rebuttal. Just think being bitchy doesn’t get you any further in life then if you were kind, only you would feel much better!

    • welcome to the blog Kristin. I can see how people who are name calling in a thread about a puppy dog might find anti-name calling discourse rude. Anyway, I feel great, but maybe if you take your own advice, you will feel much better. thanks for the concern.

    • welcome Peter. Obama grew up on islands most of his early childhood, and returns to Hawaii regularly, so one would hope Bo will get a chance to see/play in the water. So far, he seems thoroughly uninterested in snow tho.

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