Feminist Bookstore Closes . . . Again

While working on the never end quilt post, I went to link to a feminist bookstore for you to get one of the books cited . . . As part of my policy of supporting actual feminist publishers and feminist bookstores, I try to pick a different bookstore each time in order to highlight all the places you can go to get your books either in your community, while traveling, or online. I hope that it helps peak your interest in avoiding corporate booksellers and in supporting feminist publishers, bookstore owners, and thinkers. And I also, selfishly, hope that it will counterbalance the fact that there is no feminist bookstore anywhere near pov u where I teach and that the collective effort to resurrect one left with a racially charged conflict between feminists in our community . . . grr . . .


Unfortunately, the bookstore I chose today: Word is Out, located in Boulder CO went out of business after 14 years of supporting the feminist and queer communities. They are currently in the process of digitizing stock list so that patrons can by the last of their inventory. As always I am saddened by the loss of one more free thinkers refuge in our rapidly widget like world.

You can read their farewell letter here.

I’m not sure when they closed, it was some time late last year, so if you want to send them belated thanks for the work they did or just a note of solidarity for feminist enterprise, you can contact them here.

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