Quote of the Week: Persian Poet

The Sun Never Saysundiadecamposilva

Even after all this time,
the sun never says to the earth “you owe me”
Look what happens with a love like that,
it lights the whole sky.

Hafiz, a Perisan Poet 1300

This piece moves me because it reminds us about the difference between a life lived in communalism and one based on rugged individualism. When you commodify everything and you elevate the pursuit of capital above all other things, you forget that we are dependent on one another for survival. Only when we care about others as ourselves are we able to move past oppression to fellowship and true social justice. In thinking about all that the sun gives without ever once charging the Earth or its inhabitants for the gift, I wondered about how different our world would look if we could manage only a tenth of the same compassion for the world around us.


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